VAT/GST compliance


VAT/GST compliance

Indirect tax

Real-time reporting requirements and increasing scrutiny from tax authorities are challenging businesses to find more efficient, automated ways to manage compliance processes across indirect taxes. These include VAT, GST, sales and use tax, multistate tax, and environmental tax.

Deloitte’s global Indirect Tax compliance specialists can help you understand rules and obligations of multiple national markets; adopt technologies supporting accurate, timely payment; and minimize exposure to financial penalties and reputational damage. We help businesses efficiently and effectively meet Indirect Tax compliance obligations, including VAT registration support, preparation and submission of VAT returns, compliance with e-invoicing and direct reporting requirements, and VAT audit support. We also offer advice on operating models and recommendations for technology, process, and automation improvements.

Innovative technology can increase efficiency, especially in the presence of multiple data sources, varying data quality, and numerous country-specific requirements. Deloitte’s Indirect Tax Compliance is a web-enabled tool that standardizes and automates Indirect Tax compliance, from data upload to submission of Indirect Tax returns. Deloitte professionals and clients around the world use it to save time, increase accuracy, and stay compliant while extracting insights from captured tax data.

Other Indirect Tax compliance offerings

  • Insurance premium taxes: Compliance and related advisory
  • Other local taxes, such as environmental taxes, energy taxes, medical device taxes, local statistical reporting requirements, etc.