Oracle Fast Track Tax Reporting


Deloitte Fast Track for Oracle tax reporting

Reduce manual work and increase your tax provision agility during the financial close process

Booking your year-end tax entries no longer needs to be a painful, manual undertaking for your tax team. Cumbersome spreadsheets, missing details, multiple data sources, and several tax schedules across multiple geographies can all contribute to complexity while you book your tax journal entries during the financial close process. Leveraging Deloitte Fast Track for Oracle tax reporting can save you time and empower you to standardize and automate your tax provision—while facilitating a faster and more accurate close process.

Deloitte Fast Track solution for Oracle’s EPM Tax Reporting

Learn about the Deloitte Fast Track approach which dramatically reduces the cost and time associated with implementing Oracle’s Cloud EPM Tax Reporting. The Deloitte method combined with Oracle’s solution can make it easier for organizations to gather, calculate, and automate US-GAAP and IFRS tax calculations.

A painful process

Many companies are burdened with collecting and reconciling data details as well as the supporting documentation which leaves less time to invest in analysis to gain insight on the tax situation. Reviewing and then reconciling multiple calculations and supporting documentation in spreadsheet format can be a painful process.

The inherent challenge is that the Financial Close is performed in a small window of time, numbers keep changing and the spreadsheets do not tie what is reported for Financial purposes. Typically, more time is spent on data collection and reconciliation efforts, rather than reviewing the calculations for insightful observations that add value to the process.

Could we automate the process, standardize the calculations, and integrate the Tax Close with the Financial Close and improve overall quality? Yes, and Deloitte Fast Track for Oracle’s Tax Reporting can ease the effort, cost, and duration of the transformation.

Deloitte Fast Track for Tax Reporting

Imagine setting up a tax reporting solution in just six weeks instead of nine months… explore how.

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How Deloitte helps

EPM Enterprise license deals

Tax Reporting Cloud is included in the bundle. We can easily add value to the use of the licenses.


Tax Close is key to the Financial Close and Tax Reporting Cloud is a powerful solution that can deliver efficiencies quickly.

Deloitte SuperLedgerTM

Financial Close is implemented with Deloitte SuperLedgerTM  and Tax Close is included.

Integrating with
SAP landscape

Tax Reporting Cloud can work on top of many SAP ERP environments.


Tax Reporting Cloud can replace self-built tax schedules in HFM and offer more value to the process.

Explore the future of tax reporting

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Ravi Gupta
Partner – Tax Management Consulting
Global Oracle Tax Lead
Deloitte Tax LLP

Bart Janssen
Partner – Tax Management Consulting
EMEA Oracle Tax Lead
Deloitte Netherlands

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