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Technology Fast 500™ Asia Pacific (APAC)

2018 Winners and Results

Combining technological innovation, entrepreneurship and rapid growth, Technology Fast 500 companies — large, small, public, and private — span a variety of industry sectors, and are transforming the way business is done today.


Based in Beijing China, is an open platform online real estate listings provider that offers an ecosystem of new, second-hand and rental properties for users. It is a technology driven platform that has incorporated various innovative technologies such as the VR viewing function that provides interactive 3D viewing of listed homes for users. The company is owned by Lianjia (AKA, Homelink), one of China’s largest real-estate brokerages.



Runner Up is a leading B2B platform in the chemical industry providing interactive marketing, consulting research, commodity trading, supply chain and financial services for upstream and downstream enterprises in the chemical industry chain. helps enterprises in raw material procurement, product sales, logistics and warehousing and market development.



Third place

Weshare Financial is an online consumer finance platform providing cash and installment services to blue-collar and white-collar individuals. Micro and dispersed loans are core products, using a technology-driven, rigorous risk control system. Weshare Financial establishes credit files through the Internet and big data, for consumers with “blank credit” or no credit history, providing a one-stop loan information service.

The Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific Top Ten

For the full ranking list please download the ranking pdf.

  Company Name Location Industry Category Growth Percentage
1 (Beijing) Technology C. Ltd
China Media 32179%
2 Guangzhou Hui Zheng Zhi United Technology Co Ltd
China Media 24702%
3 Beijing Weshare Financial Information Services Co Ltd
China Software 24564%
4 Qingdao Sinotex E-Commerce Co Ltd
China Media 23646%
5 Guangzhou Quwan Network Technology Co Ltd
China Communications 16895%
6 MogIi Labs (India) Private Limited
India Software 11836%
7 Razorpay Software Private Limited
India Software 11173%
8 Chengdu Qushui Technology Co Ltd
China Hardware 10452%
9 Dmall Inc
China Software 9270%
10 HDT Ltd
New Zealand Software 8423%


2018 Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific press release

  • Chinese open platform real estate listings provider takes the top spot
  • Average revenue growth of the Top 10 reaches the highest ever in the 17 years of the Ranking at 17,314% 
  • China claims majority of top 10 with seven companies – a first for the country
  • Software continues to dominate, followed by Media and Hardware 

Awardees are selected for the Technology Fast 500 ranking based on percentage fiscal year revenue growth over three years.

Geographical Trends

Of the companies ranked, China continues to stand out in the region, with seven companies in the top 10, and nearly thirty percent of the 500.

Sector Trends

China has the top performing company in all sectors except Clean Energy, which is taken by a company from India; Oriano Clean Energy Private Limited. As has been the trend for the past six years, software continues to dominate sector growth. Down slightly from from 214 companies last year, the 2018 rankings include 190 software companies in the top 500, accounting for 38 percent of the companies ranked.

Revenue Growth Trends

The top 500 companies in 2018 averaged revenue growth of 987 percent, an increase of 387 percentage points from 2017, which saw average revenue growth of 600 percent.

The top ten companies in the ranking achieved average revenue growth of 17,314 percent. Both the top 500 and top 10 revenue growth figures are the highest ever recorded in the seventeen years of the program.

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