Deloitte CITYKIT simplifies municipal digital transformation

Modernize with a pre-configured solution powered by Oracle

Are you looking for a smart and simple way to realize your city’s digital vision? The Deloitte CITYKIT™ solution can quickly help you get your digital transformation started and keep the momentum going—all while leveraging government-specific leading practices and controlling costs with pre-configured and adjustable features.

Modernize quickly

Many municipalities need to do more with less. They also need to modernize their service delivery capabilities to meet the rising expectations of their citizens and employees in the digital age. Designed by Deloitte public sector specialists in collaboration with Oracle and municipal leaders, Deloitte CITYKIT™ is a pre-configured, pre-packaged solution that enables quick deployment and adoption for cities large and small. Deloitte CITYKIT™ can unpack the possibilities of an intuitive cloud-based platform through adjustable settings that reduce the guesswork to achieve targeted outcomes.

Solving problems for municipalities and aligning with their priorities, the Deloitte CITYKIT™ asset is well positioned for cloud adoption and future success.  The adaptable solution municipalities to modernize their core functions, ERP, SCM, HR and CX with accelerators to speed the implementation and leading practices to improve process efficiency.

Deloitte CITYKIT™ simplifies municipal digital transformation


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Deloitte CITYKIT™ uses cloud-based technology and modernization strategies to simplify business transformation. Far from “lift and shift,” our approach is about taking your unique transformation journey together. Our practitioners focus on collaborating with your municipal team, enhancing the employee experience, and engaging end users so that your organization can hit the ground running with Oracle’s integrated cloud platform while preparing for future innovation and expansion.

Unpack the “city in a box” solution

Designed specifically for municipalities on the Oracle Cloud platform, this “city in a box” solution is pre-packaged and pre-configured with accelerators and delivery guidelines. Delivered differently to enhance implementation, overall team experience, and set the stage for future innovation, Deloitte CITYKIT™ simplifies transformation for municipalities that can foster a global community of sharing, collaboration and shape the future of municipalities.

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The Deloitte difference

Deloitte is a recognized leader in providing Oracle implementation services to the public sector, with one of the largest and most experienced Oracle practices in the world. Deloitte also distinguishes itself in the marketplace by bringing multi-disciplinary capabilities to its Deloitte CITYKIT™ engagements. In addition to public sector know-how, these capabilities span strategy, M&A, finance, supply chain, customer relationship management, human capital, tax, cyber security, and Industry 4.0 technologies, such as the cloud, the Internet of Things, AI, machine learning, blockchain, and beyond. Our knowledgeable Deloitte CITYKIT™ teams take the time to understand your city, including its capacity and capabilities, how it works, what makes it tick, and what it fears. This understanding goes a long way toward making your Deloitte CITYKIT™ experience viable, empowering, and successful.

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