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Highlights of 2019 SAP Co-Innovation Event

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Intelligent enterprises need intelligent people to grow, build, and help businesses run better – the same kind of talent SAP Co-Innovation attracts.

This year’s event proved it has become a gathering for bright, innovative thinkers to show off their business acumen, passion for problem-solving and appreciation for how SAP technology can help best-run businesses become even better.

One hundred and twenty-eight technology and business students from 28 leading US universities gathered at Deloitte University in Westlake, Texas, from August 2-4, to compete in the 5th annual SAP 2019 Co-Innovation event. Along with the “day in the life of a consultant” experience, competitors were given full access to the latest SAP Leonardo® technology to solve a real-world business challenge in a bracket-style tournament. At stake was the title of Deloitte/SAP Co-Innovation Champion, and a $500 gift card for each member of the winning team.

Apropos of an everything-online-when-you-need-it world, students were given a business case centered on online grocery shopping. The ask? Solve ‘last mile’ delivery pain points, and redefine the profitable transportation of perishable goods and perishables. Said differently: How to deliver a customer’s online grocery order to their home, quickly and efficiently, while keeping costs low and perishables at their freshest?

  • For two days, 32 teams of four sharp student minds dove into the challenge using SAP technology and incorporated ideas demonstrated during live product demos of SAP Cold Chain Logistics, Smart Taps, and Sentiment Analysis before presenting their solution to a panel of judges featuring Danny Allen, Merry Kweiter, and Kashif Rahamatullah.
  • Saint Louis University came out on top, followed by Texas A&M ($250 gift cards). Rounding out the coveted Final Four was the University of Southern California ($100 gift cards), and, a new participant in the Co-innovation Challenge, Carnegie Mellon University (Bluetooth headphones).
  • This year’s event was the biggest yet – double over 2018 – and pulled in impressive social media metrics with 13% of Life at Deloitte’s 23,000 Instagram followers viewing, liking or sharing event posts.

As co-sponsor and host of the event, Deloitte attendees had the opportunity to get to know the student competitors, answer questions about a career in consulting – and ask of a few of their own keeping in mind these bright, engaged problem-solvers as potential future colleagues. Encouraging our clients to reimagine everything means we need our own pipeline of new ideas, perspectives, and energy – the kind of thinking the SAP Co-Innovation event like this attracts. 

If you’d like to know more about the SAP Co-Innovation event or participate in the next one, reach out to the event team or visit the SAP Co-Innovation website.