3 - 4 Jul.

Driving teams to success

By The Deloitte Academy


Giorgos Zervos, Principal

Asimina Tsiouni, Manager

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This course is designed to enhance leadership and communication skills critical for leading successful teams. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of self-awareness, communication techniques, constructive feedback, and coaching strategies.

Don’t miss this seminar if you want to:

-Discover who you are as a leader. 

-Learn how self-awareness can impact your working relationships and business results.

-Find your personality style and others’ personality styles (peers, customers, leaders, employees, stakeholders).

-Practise communication with different personalities and learn how to communicate effectively various messages in complex environments in different stakeholders and within teams.

-Find out how different personality combinations can end to totally different results.

-Understand effective strategies to motivate, engage, and develop teams. 

-Discover personalized ways to increase empathy, excel active listening and give developmental feedback.

- Learn about inclusion and diversity and find practical ways to express them properly.

- Leading teams via stressful situations.

-Take useful tools and techniques for all the above.

Ideal for Managers, Team leaders, Executives, HR professionals across various industries who need to drive their teams to success.
6 hours

Day 1: Awareness and Communication

·       Self-awareness: Understand behavioral, learner and leadership styles.

·       Understand others’ personalities styles and how to adjust communication in each case for results.    

·       Understand the importance of team happiness through effective communication and empathy.

·       Leading teams via stressful situations.

Day 2: Constructive Feedback and Coaching

·       Providing constructive and meaningful feedback. Understand feedback models and practise feedback techniques.

·       Understand and embrace diversity and inclusion.

·       Learn and use effectively coaching models and techniques.

·       Practice coaching to lead teams in successful goal setting and delivery.


For companies that will have two or more participations there will be a 10% discount.


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3 - 4 Jul. 2024
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