9 Jun.

On the Board Agenda 2021

As government, regulators, communities and investors are responding to a range of societal demands and rapid changes of the ecosystem, the priorities of board agenda remain no longer the same.

Wednesday, 03:00 p.m.  EET | 1 hr 30 min




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Our corporate and regulatory experts will focus on the following main themes:

  1. The Law 4706/2020 on Corporate Governance and Capital Market Modernization that is coming into force in a few months and the new developments for Corporate Governance in the Greek market, the challenges and trends that are discovered.

  2. The ESG agenda has an impact on corporate strategy, responsibility, financial performance and viability and is therefore climbing the ladder to become a priority of the Board discussions and agendas. Business leaders are increasingly realizing that a proactive approach towards ESG rather than being reactive to developments is beneficial to business resilience, efficiency and performance. It is time for the companies to join the dots between ESG impact and their ability to establish a purposeful company as part of their sustainability strategy.

  3. Human capital is fundamental to creating value, and an effective workforce strategy is therefore a critical enabler for an effective business strategy. This is not just about attracting and retaining the right people; workforce strategy makes sure that people are able to carry out their work as effectively as possible. In this event we will tackle workforce strategies which boards could review within their own organizations, from real-time data and productivity, to ethical decision making and the contingent workforce.
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Wednesday, 9 Jun 2021 03:00 p.m. EET
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