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D.igital Run

June 1 - 14,  2020. Join the 1st D.igital run for a good cause!

Together with the Deloitte Foundation, we are hosting our 1st D.igital Run for our people, our clients and our friends, supporting a community related environmental cause and making an impact that matters to society. 

From June 1 – 14, we choose our favorite route, we run 3, 5 or 10 Km, as many times as we want, and for every kilometer we make, the Deloitte Foundation donates 1€. 

Ready to join us? 

Step 1: Download for free the sporthive app for iOS and Android.

Step 2: Select the Deloitte D.igital Run tab from the Upcoming Events menu.

Step 3: Register for free by clicking the “Sign Up” button! You will receive a confirmation email with a BIB number in a few hours after your registration.

Step 4: Choose the day and time you want to run the distance you have registered for (3 Km or 5 km or 10 km or all). This day can be from June 1st until June 14th! Repeat this step as many times you can. 

Step 5: After the run, take a photo of your performance (screen shot of your fitness mobile app or photo of your smart watch screen) and upload it along with your BIB number and your performance metrics, by clicking the Submit Results button. Remember! The app cannot count directly your performance, so you need to submit your results in order for your kms to be accounted.

Run as many kms as you can, feel strong and feel proud for the impact you are making!

Don’t forget to spread the news and share it via your social media with the hashtags #DeloitteGreece #DeloitteDigitalRun #LifeatDeloitteGreece #ImpactThatMatters.

We run together, we run for a good cause! 3,2,1…Go!

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