Supporting society against COVID-19 crisis

From the very first moment of the pandemic’s outbreak, we have been actively committed to helping our country navigate this challenging time, by standing next to those in need and at the frontline, providing our resources and expertise. Our purpose is to make an impact that matters to society, especially during these difficult moments, and become part of the collective efforts towards the COVID-19 relief, so as to emerge stronger the day after.

1. Coordination of all donations to the Ministry of Health

We responded positively and were willing to support the Greek Government's and the Ministry of Health's efforts to coordinate timely the donations offered by individuals, institutions and organizations. In particular, we set up a consulting team with specific know-how, which collaborated with the Ministry of Health.

The team assisted in recording the existing needs, handling the communication with the donors and identifying potential suppliers, with the aim of matching the donation with the appropriate cause, according to the needs of the National Healthcare System.

As a consequence of this coordinated effort was a reduction in the time required for all processes to be completed for the benefit of all parties concerned i.e. the Ministry of Health, the hospitals and the patients.

2. Donation of medical equipment to Evangelismos Hospital

Through the Deloitte Foundation, we donated 20 medical stretchers to Evangelismos Hospital, worth 90,000 euros, a donation which responds not only to the increasing needs in medical and technical equipment, but also serves as a long lasting contribution to the National Healthcare System. The initiative was also embraced by our people, who voluntarily contributed to this effort through the Deloitte Foundation.

Dimitris Koutsopoulos, CEO of Deloitte Greece, stated: “During these unprecedented moments we all live in, we recognize our critical role in helping society navigate this moment and we stand with those in need, creating value and making a positive impact to our society and our country. We are proud of supporting the National Healthcare System, both with our expertise on the coordination of donations and the donation of technological and medical equipment. Addressing the crisis as one, makes the impact bigger and therefore an impact that matters for shaping a brighter and stronger future”.

3. Supporting youth and the educational system : donation to the Ministry of Education through collaboration with the non-profit organization “Junior Achievement Greece”

Consistent to our purpose, it is essential to us to make an impact that matters through skills, education and inclusion. One of the rapidly developed consequences of this pandemic is that tele-education has become the new reality for the country’s educational system. As a result, an increasing need for distance learning equipment has emerged. Contributing to this effort and supporting Greek youth and the educational system, the Deloitte Foundation donated 10,000 euros to the Ministry of Education through the non-profit organization for education and entrepreneurship “Junior Achievement Greece”, with the aim of providing students and schools in underprivileged areas, with computer equipment.

4. Supporting vulnerable social groups: donation to the non-profit organization “Social Care of Moschato – Dionysios Theofilatos (Κοινωνική Μέριμνα Μοσχάτου – Διονύσιος Θεοφιλάτος)”

Focusing our efforts to make a meaningful impact to local communities and people in need, Deloitte supported the non-profit association “Social Care of Moschato – Dionysios Theofilatos (Κοινωνική Μέριμνα Μοσχάτου - Διονύσιος Θεοφιλάτος)", an institution which provides accommodation, care and nutrition to underprivileged vulnerable elderly citizens. Due to their limited resources following the socioeconomic consequences of COVID-19 outbreak, we covered the association’s electricity obligations for a period of three months, which is a continuation of our support in the past in providing televisions, medical beds etc.

Manos Pelidis, Senior Partner Audit & Assurance and Chairman of the Deloitte Foundation stated: “The COVID-19 outbreak coupled with the after effects of the economic crisis having created significant needs in our society, for which the Deloitte Foundation will play its part in trying to alleviate these. It is heartening to see that all of our Deloitte people have embraced both the Foundation and its objectives and are playing their part in trying to make an impact that matters to society”.

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