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Deloitte named a leader in operating model strategy and organization design consulting by Kennedy

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New York, NY, 9 December 2014– Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Kennedy has named Deloitte member firms (Deloitte) a leader in operating model strategy and organization design consulting in their recently released report entitled Operating Model Strategy & Organization Design Consulting 2014.

The report explores the opportunities and challenges for buyers and sellers of operating model strategy and org design services, focusing on key trends, client spending trends, and the competitive landscape. Discussing the sector, the report notes “Operating model strategy & organization design is fundamentally about companies’ capabilities to mobilize the resources allocated by the strategy in order to execute strategic objectives.” The report continues, “Demand for consulting services in this area is broadly distributed across industry sectors and regions, responding to drivers that are consistent across the S&O market.”

Specifically for Deloitte, the report notes, “With the broadest offering in this competency area, Deloitte brings to bear an unparalleled diversity of subject-matter expertise. For the scale of business required to deliver this breadth, however, the firm manages to deliver a remarkably flexible and collaborative consulting experience.”

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Additional findings

  • Deloitte named a leader based on breadth and depth of capabilities. 
  • Deloitte received an “advancing service breadth and depth” rating.
  • Deloitte is listed in the top tier of providers with annual revenues greater than $350M derived from operating model strategy and org design consulting services.
  • “Deloitte’s breadth of capabilities and ability to draw on diverse subject-matter experts, from actuaries to supply chain and tax professionals, enables it to span the gulf between the higher-level, more strategic operating model design and the more detailed functional-level design. With its breadth of experience, the firm is particularly adept at bringing an externally-informed perspective that can zero in on strategic capabilities at the detailed functional level, an area that can fall victim to a more generic, maturity assessment-based approach that often devolves on cost performance. Deloitte’s relatively flexible style of delivering its consulting services complements this strength by enabling the firm to tailor its focus to what matters to particular clients and drill down through critical end-to-end processes.”
  • “Deloitte’s ‘Greenhouses,’ which developed out of its Washington, DC-based and five-year-old Highly Immersive Visualization Environment (HIVE), afford clients an offsite facility that can facilitate project execution. The greenhouses’ analytic tools enable client teams to quickly visualize and understand the change implications of different operating model configurations. By bringing together client stakeholders in an adaptable, fact-based environment, the greenhouses’ analytic tools are particularly effective for achieving buy-in on key principles to guide operating model and organization design initiatives.”
  • “The co-located ‘Transition Lab’ supports executives taking on new roles as part of organization redesigns by providing them with a tailored assessment of their time, talent, and relationships. The firm has expanded its greenhouses from the Washington, DC base to include four additional US locations and six global locations in Asia, Australia, and Europe."
  • “In addition to its executive-level greenhouse services, Deloitte excels in facilitating broader client capability development – for example, with on-site skills assessments down to the individual contributor level that can inform training program structuring and targeting based on going-in skill levels.”
  • “Deloitte distinguishes itself in advising clients on the organization and operating model implications of entering new markets, particularly in the more remote geographies in which its extensive network footprint affords an advantage. On the one hand, the firm devised a four-part categorization of emerging market entry models that it employs as a framework for aligning organizational structures and processes. ‘Participants’ focus on exporting existing brands from developed markets to premium emerging market customers. ‘Adaptors’ customize their product lines to appeal to both premium and middle market customers. ‘Creators’ develop new products and services to meet unmet demand in emerging markets, and ‘assimilators’ transfer innovations among emerging and developed markets. On the other hand, the firm is adept at tailoring management metrics to the unique interplay of scale, market maturity, and regulatory and competitive dynamics that characterize different markets, especially as companies’ new market entry activities stray further from their core businesses.”
  • “Deloitte’s ‘greenhouse’ concept is particularly effective in facilitating co-design with clients and capability development. The firm is aggressively building out these facilities from a single US location to four additional domestic and six global locations. At the same time, the firm is increasing the utilization of these facilities by its S&O consultants and enhancing internal training in the behavioral and visualization techniques that underlay the concept. Taken together, these steps are enabling the firm to build on this strength and reach more clients with it.”

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