Designing B2B Brands


Designing B2B Brands

Lessons from Deloitte and 195,000 brand managers

By Brian Resnick, Associate Director, and Carlos Martinez Onaindia, Senior Manager, of the DTTL Global Brand & Communications group

A comprehensive guide to creating & implementing a global brand system

As business success and brand success become increasingly intertwined, more professionals than ever are playing a key role in simultaneously contributing to both. Regardless of title or level, employees are actively shaping their company's brand and being counted on to have a strong understanding of how to deliver consistent and quality experiences. Delivering this message in an easily accessible and engaging manner is Designing B2B Brands, a comprehensive manual covering all aspects of today's business-to-business brand management.

Designing B2B Brands illustrates – literally and figuratively – the numerous components of an integrated brand identity system, and how it can be crafted and implemented for optimal effect. Unlike other traditional texts which cobble together examples from assorted B2C companies, the reader will find a visually rich, all-inclusive case study of harmonized brand activation. Here, theory is replaced by practice: a seamless framework for global brand success, created and followed by an organization renowned for its consulting and advisory services.


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This powerful guide:

  • features essential up-to-date strategies for keeping your brand fresh and enduring
  • addresses the role of designers, the marketing and communication function, human resources and talent teams, agencies and vendors
  • considers the impact of digital and social media, two massive forces requiring new thinking for B2B brands
  • incorporates best practices for emerging markets.

With guidance that takes you on a clear, linear path toward achieving your brand objectives, this impressive single-source volume is the one book no business marketing professional should be without.

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Meet the authors

Brian Resnick

Associate Director, Global Brand & Communications
New York, United States

Brian is responsible for leading the Global Brand & Communications Services group. This encompasses the most recognizable and definable components of the brand – specifically, all asset management and compliance activity, visual identity building, corporate repositioning, and advertising campaign development.

Brian transitioned to DTTL from the U.S. member firm, where he’s been a member of the Global Brand team since 2006. He has been published in Brandweek and assorted blogs.

"Synonymous makes you anonymous – true and relevant differentiation in today’s cluttered marketplace requires big ideas, executed with confidence, clarity and consistency."

Associate Director, Global Brand & Communications
New York, United States
Associate Director, Global Brand & Communications
New York, United States
Brian Resnick

Carlos Martinez Onaindia

Senior Manager, Global Brand & Communications
Madrid, Spain

Carlos leads the Global Creative Studio, with focus on brand identity building, brand asset enhancement, and the myriad guidelines, tools and templates created to deliver them in a consistent and quality manner.

He is also frequently consulted as a creative ideation expert, providing art direction in the areas of brand activation and expression.

Carlos first joined Deloitte as the leader of graphic design and creativity for the Spanish member firm. He later transitioned to Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, where he’s been a member of the Global Brand team since 2008.

"As competition intensifies, the need for creative thinking increases. It is no longer enough to do the same thing better... no longer enough to be efficient and solve problems."

Carlos Martinez Onaindia

What people are saying about Designing B2B Brands

"You don't need to be an agency professional to appreciate the key insight of Designing B2B Brands; that brand excellence is best achieved through the creative connection of business goals, culture, and people."

 – Sir Martin Sorrell | CEO, WPP Group


"For the first time in history of business books, an elite global professional services firm actually shows, touchpoint by touchpoint, channel by channel, what it takes to be a brand leader. In a world filled with B to C branding, finally, a book about B to B. Kudos. We needed it."

 – Alina Wheeler | Author, Designing Brand Identity


“There are 195,000 professionals around the world actively shaping the Deloitte identity on a daily basis. Brand-building of that scale requires relentless focus on a unified vision and shared values, alongside a dynamic culture. There’s tremendous opportunity if you get this right.”

 – Barry Salzberg | Former Deloitte Global CEO

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