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Deloitte is focused on attracting the best people by providing them with many opportunities to do meaningful work, and developing leaders who inspire and motivate professionals to make a difference for clients and society.

Reputation. Innovation. Global reach.

Clients choose Deloitte for a number of reasons, research shows. But, at the core of our capability is our talent. Our people have built Deloitte's credibility through the services member firms provide clients and the impact they make on society.

"Deloitte is a leader among its peers because our member firms have many of the best people in the professional services industry," says Margot Thom, Deloitte Global Talent Leader. "Our member firms have attracted this talent because they offer interesting, diverse, and flexible assignments; the ability to interact with the best clients globally; excellent professional development and leadership opportunities; and avenues to make meaningful contributions to the communities in which our professionals live and work."

Qualities like these will grow in importance for the Deloitte network as the demand for highly skilled talent continues to climb—while the pool of people with the critical skills member firm clients value most continues to shrink across the globe. Shifting demographics, technology, and globalization all contribute to this challenge, which is compounded by a need to motivate and prepare the millennial generation to lead organizations.

"These issues will accelerate in the years to come, so Deloitte’s differentiation is critical to attracting the best talent that will, in turn, allow our member firms to continue delivering outstanding value," Thom explains. "People want the flexibility to create their own career and life experiences. They want to be part of a collaborative global network of talented people. And they want unlimited opportunities to do meaningful work and to grow, learn, and lead at every point in their careers. That's what our member firms offer today, and that's why we're optimistic about Deloitte's future."


Developing next generation leadership

Strong leaders are the driving force behind the Deloitte talent experience. As Deloitte’s businesses have grown around the world, the network has continued to recruit and develop the next generation of global leaders, preparing them to anticipate and tackle clients’ most complex domestic and international challenges.

Deloitte continues to champion leader development by executing on its Deloitte University (DU) strategy. During the past fiscal year, close to 63,000 Deloitte professionals from 81 countries across all regions participated in DU programs led by more than 1,000 member firm partners and directors. This leader-led approach to the DU curriculum encourages the sharing of diverse experiences and helps pass along the strengths of our culture from one generation of leaders to the next.

In December 2013, Deloitte expanded Deloitte University's reach by launching DU EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and DU: The Leadership Center in India. "The new facilities and our global curriculum demonstrate Deloitte's commitment to developing professionals in these regions, providing them with the leadership and advisory skills to better serve clients on both a local and global level," says Jorrit Volkers, Dean, Deloitte University EMEA and Partner, Deloitte Netherlands. The DU EMEA facility also houses "client experience labs" that provide an environment for clients and staff to collaborate on complex business problems and devise innovative solutions.

"We are investing in world-class leaders to serve the best clients in the most important markets in the world with quality and impact. In turn, they will attract the best professionals, help them to develop their unique strengths and passions, and inspire them to deliver outstanding service to clients," Thom says.

[Caption]: Photo at left: At the Deloitte University EMEA (DUE) opening ceremony.
From left to right: Barry Salzberg, Former Deloitte Global CEO; Jorrit Volkers, Deloitte Netherlands Partner and DUE Dean; and Rik Vanpeteghem, CEO of Deloitte Belgium.

International experience

It’s important Deloitte not only has the best leaders and talent, but also is able to position people where clients need them most. "Deloitte must be agile in how we move our member firm leaders and people to the right places at the right time to provide seamless service to clients no matter where they are based," says Ellen Stafford-Sigg, Principal, Health Care & Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting LLP (Deloitte U.S.).

International experience at Deloitte means more than just a job in another part of the world. It includes everything from an international assignment in or transfer to another country, short- and long-term international business travel, and working on or managing international projects and teams. Last year, nearly 6,000 mobility assignments helped Deloitte professionals develop cultural understanding, as well as language, networking, and management skills.

The benefits of such assignments are especially apparent among teams like Deloitte’s Japanese Services Group (JSG), which works with Japanese clients overseas. Thirty percent of partners in Japan have expatriate experience, along with the CEO, deputy CEO, and CFO. Professionals with global mobility experiences develop and enhance communication, coordination, and management skills, as well as global networks, to be able to better serve global clients and effectively carry out global projects.

International experience is found at all levels in the organization, from member firm partners to interns who are groomed to become Deloitte's next generation of professionals. Our Global Internship Program (GIP) immerses top students in new cultures and languages and gives them a taste of the international experience that awaits them in their careers. “Preparing future talent for the global, virtual workplace is critical to for the future of our society and business," says James Brock, Americas Pursuit Center Leader, Deloitte LLP (Deloitte U.S.). "Through the GIP, member firms not only get the benefit of some incredibly bright new ideas and opinions on some of the challenges that matter the most to our clients, but coaching and sponsoring the interns helps DTTL member firm people develop the capabilities required to lead the future workforce.”

Flexible, tailored careers

Technology has enabled a truly global talent pool, connecting us globally and creating greater flexibility in how Deloitte serves clients and meets the needs of talent, no matter where our people are located. "By 2020, half of the private workforce in the U.S. could be independent," explains Jennifer Steinmann, Chief Talent Officer and Deputy CEO, Deloitte & Touche LLP (Deloitte U.S.). "We must be innovative in how we encourage and enable opportunities for open collaboration with individuals who sit outside of the organization."

For those who choose more traditional career paths, the Deloitte talent experience fosters and celebrates an inclusive workplace without barriers. Member firm inclusion efforts continue to focus on factors—including gender, ethnicity, age, and disabilities—that are relevant in their markets and important to clients that increasingly demand multidimensional perspectives and solutions.

Deloitte's varied work and talent models allow both leaders and practitioners to create tailored career experiences that connect their personal and professional aspirations. "We know this is an important consideration, especially among the newer generation of talent," says Jason Winkler, Managing Partner, Talent, Deloitte Canada. "Today's professionals not only want to belong to an organization that has a purpose beyond profit, but they also want opportunities to get involved in fulfilling initiatives that make a meaningful difference. By providing this kind of appealing talent experience, we will attract the people we need to be the best."

[Caption]: Photo at left: Global Internship Program: Students from Deloitte U.S. and Deloitte Brazil travelled to South Africa to gain an authentic experience of working for Deloitte, and exposure to our business issues, people, culture, and behaviors.

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Deloitte named a global leader in HR Transformation Consulting by Kennedy

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Deloitte named a vanguard leader in Human Capital Strategy by Kennedy

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Deloitte has also been recognized for its record of diversity and inclusion by several other organizations, including:

  • FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® 2014 list for the 15th year
  • 2013 Working Mother 100 Best Companies® top 10 for the fourth year and the 19th consecutive year on the list
  • 2013 Working Mother 25 Best Companies for Multicultural Women top 10 for the fourth year and the seventh consecutive year on the list
  • Human Rights Campaign® (HRC) 2014 “Best Places to Work”
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