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Code School 

Deloitte is organizing Thessaloniki's 1st code school this fall

The most capable participants will have the opportunity to work at the Deloitte Alexander Competence Center in Thessaloniki

Athens, 21 June 2018 - Deloitte Greece is organizing the first Greek Deloitte Code School, taking place next October in Thessaloniki for IT students and young developers. By the end of their training, participants will have enriched their knowledge and will have developed their abilities to a great extent with the help and guidance of experienced Deloitte professionasl. The participants will have the opportunity to get a permanent position in Deloitte Alexander Competence Center.

Specifically, Deloitte Greece is seeking students, IT graduates and young professional developers, eager to expand their knowledge by participating in the upcoming Code School, organized to develop their capabilities and technical skills. The company offers to participants, over the four weeks that will run the program, the opportunity to develop personally and professionally, making the first and perhaps most important step of their career. Through the experience, knowledge and guidance of experienced Deloitte executives, they will have the opportunity to discover their limits and develop themselves.

Participants, apart from motivation and willingness to learn, need to know data structures and codes, but also have the ability to solve software development problems. Moreover, it is important to be able to work harmoniously with others and enjoy teamwork, while being able to perform independently at the same time.

Those interested in applying for Deloitte Code School should have graduated or should be in the final year of their studies and with a background in computer science or relevant technical disciplines and have a basic level of knowledge in programming languages. Candidates are required to have good oral and written knowledge of Greek and English, while knowledge of Italian is a plus. Finally, all male participants must have their military obligations fulfilled.

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