CX marks the spot: Rethinking the customer experience to win

The Deloitte Consumer Review

Consumers now expect a bespoke, fluid experience when shopping. This experience is defining successful business models, but how can businesses predict what consumers want?

How can businesses differentiate through customer experience (CX)?

There are a number of practical steps a company can take when seeking to optimise its customer experience.

1.    Diagnose the ‘as-is’

2.    Set a realistic ‘to-be’ goal of where it wants to be

3.    Set out clear and actionable next steps to implement its vision

Having set a clear goal for the customer experience, companies need to prioritise what is required which includes:

1.    Correct

2.    Optimise

3.    Disrupt

Connected Store

Next steps for rethinking the customer experience infographic

Online beats in store purchases

More than 2,000 UK consumers were surveyed about their experience when buying a product or service, Our report provides the insight and data required to understand both the opportunities and challenges the customer experience presents.


Online beats in store purchases

Mapping complex consumer journeys

Beyond the initial stages of the path-to-purchase where consumers are looking for inspiration, they are increasingly expecting to pick and choose from a selection of shopping channels, using different technologies and delivery methods depending on the category.

The facts

  • Two-thirds (66%) of consumers still buy their clothes and shoes instore whereas nearly two-thirds (59%) consumers buy electrical equipment online
  • Online channels and home delivery are increasingly becoming the preferred options of purchase.


Gain consumers trust

Creating lasting relationships with customers is based on giving people what they want, knowing them well and gaining their trust. Deloitte research shows that compared to 2014 there has been an increase in the number of people claiming they do not trust anyone to provide honest feedback.

Changing consumer behaviour has potential consequences across the entire supply chain serving the business-to-consumer (B2C) sector. Business-to-business operators (B2B) also need to respond to the changing behaviours of their own end-consumers and can learn some lessons from business-to-consumers businesses.

The overall customer experience will be determined by how seamless and effective the experience is across the entire value chain.


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