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Deloitte-INSETE Report "Sustainability in the Greek tourism market"

Paving the way for sustainable tourism growth

Deloitte in cooperation with the Institute of the Greek Tourism Confederation (INSETE), has conducted a comprehensive survey study on key sustainability topics and issues of Greek tourism that took place during the period January-April 2023. This is a first attempt to highlight the current status of sustainability in Greek tourism enterprises, across the whole value chain of the sector, with a focus on navigating towards a cleaner and “greener” future. Ultimately, the survey findings indicate current perceptions of Greek tourism enterprises, reveal actions they undertake and priorities they set, and identify opportunities they can take advantage of, as well as threats and barriers they are facing. 

Purpose of the survey

The purpose of this survey is to gain a better understanding about how Greek tourism enterprises, across the whole value chain of the tourism sector, act on and invest in sustainability (both environmental and socioeconomic); to what extent they set sustainability targets and measure their performance against those targets; if they have or are willing to acquire sustainability certifications; if they leverage networks and partnerships to promote sustainability; if they embed sustainability into their organization and governance; how they perceive the benefits of sustainable action; what are the barriers they face; and how important they think sustainability is for their customers. By gaining more insight about the behaviors, perceptions and attitudes of Greek tourism enterprises towards sustainability, as well as the areas where more action and improvements are needed, this report aims also to provide key recommendations to businesses and policy makers on how to further support sustainability action across the entire tourism sector value chain and how to promote a more sustainable growth model for Greek tourism.


The report is based on a survey of 204 Greek tourism organizations, members of the Greek Tourism Confederation (SETE). The survey was conducted between January and April 2023, on a primary research basis (online questionnaires), with respondents that operate across the Greek tourism value chain (i.e., transportation, accommodation, DMCs / tour operators / travel agencies, other tourism related enterprises such as conference & exhibition organizers, consulting & certification services, etc.).

We trust that the survey findings can provide insights to Greek tourism enterprises for the transition to a more sustainable, inclusive and greener future.

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