Global Powers of Construction 2018

Explore the key strategies, drivers, and current economic situation of the construction industry globally

Despite the global economy showing signs of a slight deceleration, the construction industry continues to grow at a moderate pace and demonstrates a positive outlook. In 2018, the aggregate sales of the top 100 Global Powers of Construction (GPoC) companies rose by 10 percent—with 45 groups recording double-digit increases.

Our GPoC report ranks the top 100 global construction companies based on sales and the top 30 companies based on market capitalization. This report takes a deep dive into the macroeconomic situation impacting the construction market and forecasts its growth across the major markets. It also analyzes the key financial indicators of the leading players within the construction sector: market position and performance in terms of revenue, market capitalization, internationalization, diversification, profitability, indebtedness, and other financial ratios.

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Key findings:

  • The global construction industry’s revenue is expected to reach US$15 trillion by 2025—with an expansion rate of 3.6 percent/year between 2018 and 2022.
  • The aggregate sales of the top 100 GPoC companies amounts to US$1.39 trillion—a 10 percent YoY increase. The total market capitalization decreased by 12 percent.
  • Companies based out of China, Japan, the United States, and France dominated the top 100 construction companies list.
  • The financial performance of our Top 30 GPoC was uneven in 2018—Aggregate sales increased by 12 percent, operating profitability stood at 6.1 percent, and aggregate market capitalization dropped by 10 percent.
  • International sales and non-construction revenue of our GPoC represented 21 percent and 22 percent, respectively.
  • US$69.4 trillion of infrastructure investment will be required between 2017–2035—which represents more than 4 percent of the world GDP in the period.
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