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Global Powers of Construction 2017

Explore the current economic situation, key strategies, and drivers of the construction industry

The global construction industry envisions a sustainable growth in the coming years─after a downturn that started a decade ago. In 2017, the aggregate sales of the top 100 Global Powers of Construction (GPoC) companies rose by 6 percent indicating a positive outlook for the industry.

This report takes a deep dive into the macroeconomic situation impacting the construction market and forecasts its growth across the major markets. It also analyzes the key financial indicators of the leading players within the sector: market position and performance in terms of revenue, market capitalization, internationalization, diversification, profitability, indebtedness, and other financial ratios. We rank the top 100 global construction companies based on sales and the top 30 companies based on market capitalization.

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Key findings:

  • In 2017, the aggregate sales of the top 100 GPoC companies rose by 6 percent amounting to EUR 1,098 billion. 
  • US$69.4 trillion of infrastructure investment will be required between 2017–2035, representing approximately 4.1 percent of the world GDP in the period.
  • Companies based out of China, Japan, France, and the United States dominated the top 100 construction companies list.
  • The aggregate market capitalization of the top 30 GPoC companies at the end of 2017 was EUR 381 billion─3 percent increase from 2016.
  • Aggregate sales, EBIT, and net income of the top 30 GPoC companies increased by 8 percent, 14 percent, and 28 percent respectively.
  • Internationalization and portfolio diversification are the two most significant strategies driving business for the largest construction groups.

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