The better and faster way to get data from unstructured documents

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Unlocking the potential of data in documents

Large amounts of information is locked up in paper and digital documents. Unlocking the value from this data and turning it into insights manually is costly and complicated. Valuable resources and subject matter experts spend too much time on finding data rather than analyzing data. The work is often repetitive and mind-numbing, leading to data quality issues and rework.

DocQMiner as a solution

DocQMiner combines a range of powerful artificial intelligence models to accelerate review processes and turn any document into structured data. These models learn from people; as your experts review the first few documents the AI kicks in and starts providing suggestions. DocQMiner has been used to accelerate and automate highly complex documents. And due to the teamwork between the people and the technology it can achieve unparalleled accuracy.

Over 140 languages

The intelligent algorithms understand how documents are written in their native language, leading to highly accurate suggestions.

Get 100% data accuracy with our built-in review workflow

Be in control of your document review process. Configure the workflow and
questionnaires to suit the needs of your organization.