Financial Crime 


In the face of increasing regulation and technology-fueled corruption, threats to the reputation and value of your business have never been more widespread. We connect deep technical and industry insight with cutting-edge analytics and technology to provide tailored solutions to the most complex Forensic & Financial Crime matters. Regardless of location or industry, decades of global experience allow us to deliver focused resolutions to issues threatening your business today and help protect against risk in the future.

Our Services:

Financial crime strategy and remediation

Global cooperation amongst enforcement agencies and regulators has never been greater, increasing the scrutiny that corporate officers and directors are under. Furthermore, the financial penalties through financial crime losses, the conduct of internal investigations, fines, class action lawsuits, and other litigation are climbing. Focusing on the entire financial crime lifecycle (compliance, prevention, detection, investigation, remediation, testing, and monitoring), we draw on our capabilities from a number of our practices to deliver end-to-end service to you.

Anti-money laundering (AML), sanctions, and regulatory advisory

Businesses around the world face a growing number of reputation-damaging risks, from being victimized by fraud and theft of assets to being embroiled in complex litigation or business disputes or accused of financial mismanagement or malfeasance.

Our professionals provide specialized services to help you protect your reputation, including forensic due diligence, fraud detection and prevention training, anti-money laundering assessments, background checks, and business partner surveys.

Anti-corruption and bribery, anti-fraud

Achieving compliance with the Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act (CFPOA), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), and similar anti-corruption legislative requirements has become an increasing concern for organizations that operate globally, as the number of FCPA-related enforcement actions and the size of penalties have increased dramatically in recent years.
We can assist you with anti-corruption enforcement actions, FCPA diagnostics, establishing an anti-bribery, anti-fraud, anti-corruption culture.

Financial Crime Analytics

In a forensic investigation, we use our advanced analytics capability and deep technical experience to help you quickly and efficiently address issues. We deploy sophisticated analytics approaches to gain a deeper and more complete understanding of what has occurred and how similar problems can be prevented. We also work proactively with you to detect inefficiencies and anomalies in your systems, targeting cost recovery and identifying potential issues before they happen.

Our specialists systematically scope, acquire, load, and validate structured and unstructured electronic data and call on various techniques to uncover evidence of schemes or scenarios, develop models that depict historical events, and build predictive models for anti-fraud/corruption efforts and segmentation.

  • Data visualization: Business users are often confounded by a lack of visibility into their data, as well as the limited options for manipulating and exploring the information affecting their business. Our data visualization capabilities allow complex data structures, relationships, and trends to be viewed and navigated, even with unstructured or abstract data. Visualization is, therefore, re-emerging as a way to unlock data volumes and unstructured content to answer the question, "What do I need to know?

  • Forensic analytics: Our data analytics specialists provide a range of services to help you explore evidence, and to model past and possible future events. We can systematically scope, acquire, load, validate, and maintain structured (e.g., transactional) and unstructured (e.g., text) electronic data and call on rules-based, inductive, and visual techniques.

  • Forensic data reviews: Forensic data reviews help develop insights about business problems in the forensic advisory domain. By gathering, managing, and analyzing data, we can build awareness and intelligence in the fields of:

Corporate Intelligence Services

Deloitte’s Corporate Intelligence Services (CIS) conducts

background investigations on entities and individuals relating to prospective
business transactions, third-party relationships, investments, internal
investigations, and business disputes. Leveraging open source and proprietary
databases, our CIS investigators work closely with multi-national clients to
help them identify and minimize risk and make critical decisions with

Asset Search and Identification

Our asset tracing team is experienced in working with corporate clients and legal professionals to locate, identify and freeze assets, often across multiple jurisdictions, leveraging the local expertise of Deloitte teams across international locations. We are experts at tracing a transaction from its origin through to its destination. We can also help you to recover assets through civil remedies and act as court-appointed receivers to seize and manage recovered assets.

Our experienced asset tracing and recovery specialists work internationally as one team, making use of a sophisticated array of tools and resources to find out where funds have gone, perform multi-jurisdictional asset searches, and most importantly work on getting them back.

Using traditional investigative and asset recovery skills (following paper trails, searching for current / historic assets, and mapping relevant and connected parties), alongside state of the art technology solutions (including social media analysis, data analytics, and forensic technology) we have discreetly assisted our clients in many asset tracing and recovery cases.

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Alexis Hadjipavlou

Alexis Hadjipavlou

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Konstantinos Eleftheriadis

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