Future of Work

The Future of Work in the era of Organizations of the Future. 

Check all the findings of our report. A collaboration among Deloitte and the Digital Transformation Observatory of SEV.

Deloitte supports the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the country's leading business federation and its Digital Transformation Observatory, which functions as a permanent monitoring mechanism for promoting the Digital Transformation of Greece.

Deloitte in collaboration with the Digital Transformation Observatory of SEV created the presentation of the “Future of Work” report, highlighting the opportunities for Greek companies from integrating digital technologies and solutions in their operation. In addition, examines the role of all involved organizations and the challenges that they have to face so that the transition to the "Future of Work" is successful.

The report emphasizes that the "Future of Work" brings new data and disrupts to what we knew in all dimensions, creating three basic challenges for the organizations. One challenge refers to the management of the new Workforce (who does the work), which is more diverse and flexible, in conjunction with the configuration of the Workplace (where the work is done) and the redefinition of concept and object of Work itself (what is work), due to new technological data which change the nature of human work, can create new opportunities to the organizations that will be able to leverage these challenges.

The answer is the “Organization of the Future”. According to the report the Organization of the Future combines technology with flexibility and adaptability and redefines the nature of work in order to maximize its performance and competitive advantage within the wider business ecosystem. Puts at the center of work the human being and works aiming at the production of value. Looking into the future, in order to successfully move on to this "Future of Work" and overcome challenges mentioned above, the Human, the Organization and the State, need to be transformed and collaborate for a common purpose.

Future of work
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