Shape your workplace culture, drive your strategy

Leaders often grapple to find more effective ways to compete, claim new markets, and innovate for growth. Executing a winning strategy takes a unified organization working harmoniously to deliver on the business ambition through shared beliefs, common behaviors and a collective goal. It takes culture. Specifically, it takes the right culture—one that fits your organization and drives the outcomes you need. Deloitte's network of member firms takes an approach that enables organizations to define a workplace culture that can enable their business strategy, pinpoint their existing cultural strengths and gaps, and then continuously cultivate the culture that’s right for them. Put your workplace culture on the right path. Navigate, cultivate, elevate.

How CulturePath works

Deloitte’s culture solution, facilitated by the CulturePath product, helps business leaders understand and actively shape their culture so employees are engaged and deliver on the business strategy. Deloitte’s network of member firms works with clients to:

  • Define the critical beliefs and behaviors that should be in place to support their business ambition 
  • Interpret your current cultural strengths and gaps across eight core and differentiating indices 
  • Turn insights into action to continually shape the culture that’s right for your people and goals 
  • Track progress over time and continue to cultivate the culture you need to create your desired future

Deloitte’s network of member firms’ specialized experience, services, and culture solution can progressively guide clients throughout their business journey, enabling them to lead the way forward.

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The CulturePath™ solution

  • Visioning and alignment labs that bring leadership together to define their desired future culture
  • Comprehensive survey designed to assess current culture along eight core and differentiating indices
  • Cloud-based and data-driven analytics to visualize survey results and profile data across layers, functions and demographics
  • Interactive dashboard to explore key data relationships and draw insights
  • Development of a precise plan to drive targeted culture change, including alignment of business practices and processes to the desired outcomes
  • Collaboration with clients to execute the transformation and establish a model for sustainment

Culture eminence spotlight

Want to learn more about culture now?

View Deloitte's Culture Dbrief “Employee Engagement and Culture: The Naked Organization.”

The Culture Dbrief discusses:

  • Why engagement and culture are acute, systemic problems for organizations worldwide
  • Emerging technologies to help engage employees and managers at work
  • New tools designed to provide organizations with real-time feedback and measurement capabilities, including pulse survey technology, sentiment management tools, and employee monitoring tools
  • An examination of how different generations in the workplace can impact engagement and culture

How Deloitte’s network of member firms can help

CulturePath delivers unprecedented visibility into an organization, enabling leaders to drive ongoing change in the areas that matter most to their business and pave the way toward sustainable success.

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