Cyber Risk Services

Our Cyber Risk Services help clients to develop and implement enterprise strategies and programmes for managing information and technology risks. We connect demonstrated standards-based methodologies and frameworks with extensive industry knowledge and experience to create practical, sustainable management strategies and technical and operational architectures. Across these strategy, management and technology integration solutions, Deloitte helps clients find the appropriate balance between risk management and cost containment.

Our Information Security Management professionals assist organisations to address information security requirements, using proven methodologies to design and implement programmes and solutions around information security related policies and standards, governance and strategy, metrics, automated dashboards, and automated risk and compliance solutions.

Security Management

Cyber threat is growing more rapidly than cyber security due to the accelerated growth of Internet-enabled devices and machinery and thus everything that depends on cyberspace is at risk. System downtime leads to loss in profits, reputational damage and unhappy customers. Data loss and breaches not only damage brands but also lead to regulatory fines and compensation payouts for affected customers. Deloitte’s Cyber Security Integrated approach enables organisations to assess cyber threat management procedures in controlled but realistic scenarios rather than relying on hypothetical plans.

Cyber Security

Operational Resiliency is a critical component of successful business management. Experience shows that typically more than 50 percent of businesses without an effective resiliency plan will ultimately fail following a major disruption. The need to ensure continuity of service has never been greater due to more organisations operating 24/7 and an increasing dependence on technology to conduct business. Increasing stakeholder and regulatory expectations demand an approach that ensures equal consideration is given to managing the immediate and longer term outcomes from incidents affecting people, processes, systems or events external to the organisation.


Our professionals offer a unique skill set combining business process controls experience with a technical understanding of the ERP applications security architecture. Deloitte's advice is frequently sought in both an assurance and advisory capacity, in addition to often working as security and controls specialists for system implementations or Business Process Transformation projects.

Application Integrity

Information protection issues present a growing challenge as organisations must interpret and comply with complex and diverse international/local laws and regulations on how they handle confidential and personal information. Deloitte’s experience can help our clients understand the key factors for reducing exposure to critical risks and potential damage.

Information Protection