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Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Check all the findings of our report. A collaboration among SEV and Deloitte.   

Deloitte supports the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the country's leading business federation and its Digital Transformation Observatory, which functions as a permanent monitoring mechanism for promoting the Digital Transformation of Greece.

Towards this end, Deloitte collaborated with SEV for the preparation of the “Analytics & Artificial Intelligence” report, highlighting that analysis of big data can provide a competitive advantage, improve operations, support business decisions and increase adaptability. However, gaining a competitive advantage requires more than smart findings. It requires harnessing disruptors and leveraging data-driven insights and decision-making to generate powerful outcomes.

The report outlines the advanced analytics capabilities and benefits such as greater flexibility and the ability to provide personalized customer service with significant advantages such as increased revenue, reduced inventory and improved business marketing mix performance. More specifically, analytics provides an edge over supporting business goals such as attracting new customers and retaining the existing customers, increasing profits per customer and generally increasing customer satisfaction. In addition, advanced analytics contributes significantly to cost reduction and optimizing resource management and business security.

Looking at today’s challenges for analytical maturity, the report points out the paramount importance of establishing a data-driven culture, ensuring data accuracy, security, and consistency and cultivating a wide variety of people throughout the organization who are curious, numerate and capable of translating between analytics/data science methods and business requirements. Looking into the future, key components of an Insight Driven Organization Roadmap are presented, which could lead an organization towards a more mature stage, transforming analytics to streamline decision making across all business functions.

Analytics & Artificial Intelligence Report
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