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Our tax teams in Thessaloniki and Heraklion

Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece, with an open, inclusive and extrovert society. An active innovation & developers’ ecosystem and community already exists. Heraklion is the administrative capital of Crete, fifth largest city in Greece and a top 20 tourism destination in Europe.

Our offices in Thessaloniki

Deloitte Alexander Competence Center (DACC)
 was setup in 2017 as a competence / excellence center to capitalize on the abundant of talent of Thessaloniki and to serve the growing needs of Deloitte in Central Mediterranean and Europe for skilled resources. 

The center is located in Technopolis (Thessaloniki’s ICT Business Park), where we attract talented university graduates, we train them in the latest technology skills and engage them in breakthrough projects in Europe, among others on the areas of Digital, Systems Integration, Cloud Engineering, Robotics Process Automation, Data Analytics and Tax.

Currently, the tax team in Thessaloniki provides full range of tax services (Bookkeeping, Tax Compliance, Payroll, Reporting & Tax Advice Services, Transfer Pricing, R&D Incentives) to the Greek Market especially in Northern Greece and consists of 25 young professionals, with plans to further invest in the potential of talented graduates during the next year.  

Our offices in Heraklion

The organization's office in Heraklion provides all services of the global Deloitte network, including Bookkeeping, Tax Compliance, Payroll, Reporting & Tax Advice Services, Transfer Pricing, R&D Incentives and covers the regions of Crete and South Aegean. More specifically, we provide among others accounting, tax and legal consulting services. We offer the appropriate support needed by companies in Crete, whereas simultaneously we are eager to invest in the young people of Crete and give them opportunities for vocational training, development and career prospects in the most impactful consulting company in the world. Currently our tax team in Crete consists of 10 qualified professionals, while the team is constantly expanding.  

Crete is a hub of entrepreneurship and know-how, as well as a source of significant human resources and can be considered as reference point for the wider region. Our goal is to contribute substantially to the development of activities on the island, but also invest in its people. 

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Thessaloniki - Stefanos Tentolouris, Senior Tax Manager 

Heraklion - Michalis Senetakis, Tax Manager

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