Accounting & Bookkeeping

Recording of transactions in the statutory books, preparation of tax returns and financial statement, real time reporting and business analytics.

Our service methodology includes, amongst others, reconciliations of accounts between local books and corporate accounting facilitating the integrity and accuracy of general ledger balances while compliance with tax legislation is safeguarded at all time. BDH, an ERP developed by Deloitte, is used for these services. BDH has a lot of capabilities and functionalities giving us competitive advantage and facilitates the provision of high quality services to our clients.

Deloitte Technological Solutions

✧  Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the use of software to automate high-volume, repetitive tasks. In Accounting, Tax and Finance our RPA services help you create automations/robots (bots), which are configured to execute repetitive processes such as submitting filings to tax authority web portals. With today's "always on" demands, tax professionals are under increasing pressure to do more with less. Automation can help you keep up with the speed of growth and development. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a flexible and transparent first step, providing an easy bridge beyond Excel.

✧ Data Wrangling tools | Automation

Digitalization in Accounting, Tax and Finance that is purpose-built for your challenges. Our Data Analytics capabilities help you address the specific big data and data complication challenges your department faces, whether it’s one solution at a time or a department-wide strategy. We combine our deep accounting, tax and finance knowledge with our hands-on experience across a range of data collection, wrangling, automation, and data analytics tools to help you harness the Power of With for smarter insights and stronger outcomes.

✧ Business Intelligence tools | Analytics

Business Intelligence tools is a compelling way to create and present reporting dashboards. The easy to use, intuitive dashboard allows for quick access to important information. Our Business Intelligence capabilities help to uncover hidden relationships or trends, identify outliers or errors in the data that may require correction or resolution, quickly compare results period over period while there is still time to identify, correct or address anomalies, and easily undertake scenario planning or modeling to make better business decisions.

✧ ERP System Design | Processes

Identifying specific workflows by job and function, process improvements to be implemented (perhaps even independently of the software), and roles and responsibilities within the new business processes to augment system design. While business process requirements were likely defined during the evaluation phase, they might not take into account the functionality of the chosen software. Our capabilities in ERP System Design can serve as the foundation to leverage the ERP system in producing key operational data to streamline processes.

The benefits for your business

✔️ Efficiently managing essential operational processes

Businesses today are facing a rapidly evolving landscape including regulatory changes, continued advances in technology, and the adoption of more sophisticated approaches by revenue authorities. These challenges are causing businesses to rethink the way work is resourced in efficiently managing essential operational processes with visibility, flexibility, transparency, and control.

✔️ Business Digital Hub (BDH)

BDH combines an ERP system and collaboration workspace with the flexibility of a scalable, customizable solution with a consistent look and feel, also giving users real-time application access, data collaboration management, and global tracking tools.”

✔️ In our view, Accounting functions must be engaged in supporting business growth, by challenging the business to optimize its efficiency without compromising control.

✔️ Our people’s support

In order for Accounting functions to be truly effective, it must be aligned closely to the strategic objectives of the business, its risks and challenges. Our people are there to support management in achieving the Group's strategy, as well as providing key stakeholders with comfort that the accounting and tax control environment is robust.

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Maria Trakadi

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Spiros Vamvakousis

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