International tax


International Tax

We work with multinational organizations that have significant cross-border flows and help them align strategies with desired business outcomes. We provide support for both inbound and outbound clients to optimize their cash and reported tax positions, understand and comply with their international compliance requirements, and manage their risks.

Are you considering expanding abroad?

Establishing a presence in a new geography other than the Greek Head Office requires particular attention and careful examination of the local tax rules applicable in the case at hand. The Deloitte global network and our experience in similar projects ensures that all the angles of the contemplated expansion are covered and no surprises come up in the future. Moreover, our rapidly expanding legal network ensures smooth compatibility of the tax advice with legal requirements and implementation, offering a one-stop-shop solution to meet your organization’s needs and business plan objectives.

Are you managing your global tax compliance obligations properly?

For both Greek and international companies, managing tax and statutory compliance continues to be a challenge. As businesses expand operations into new markets, the complexity of managing tax risks and complying with reporting requirements multiplies. Deloitte offers efficient, cost-effective tax compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing options. In addition, a suite of integrated tax technologies can help companies achieve their goal of high quality, lower-cost compliance and have the potential to give businesses enhanced visibility of their global information.

Is the Greek market in your operation’s radar?

The advice around the establishment of a taxable presence in Greece, either through an affiliate or a branch must take into account the peculiarities of the Greek tax and company legislation and the specifics of the industry where your organization operates. Our international tax team is capable of providing you with the proper piece of advice that will ensure the harmonic interposition of the Greek entity in your group chart. Moreover, we are dedicated to provide you with all the necessary information to adjust your business plan with local rules, ensure minimum tax leakages on profit repatriation and a tax efficient exit strategy. Finally, the debt/equity mixture necessary to finance the local activities is also a chapter covered by our dedicated advisory team. In collaboration with our legal firm and our Business Process Solutions team, we can also provide you an A-Z solution, covering, apart from design, all the implementation challenges.

Do you need an overview of your global operations?

Our new introduced offering “Operations Transformation for Tax” helps our clients with existing cross-border operations and presence in more than one jurisdictions understand their tax operating model and then to identify challenges and opportunities. While this approach is not new, it has been accelerated by the current economic climate and the refocusing of resources on core competencies and cutting budgets. To cope with increased complexity and demand in tax, businesses are looking to leverage technology and processes to increase efficiency and add more value. Deloitte is able to undertake this task leveraging on its international network and the deep technical expertise of its professionals, who enjoy several years of experience on cross-border transactions and the applicability of international tax avoidance rules. Eventually, the design of a global operational model heavily depends on the minimum possible risk of anti-avoidance rules kicking in. Our team is supported by the Transfer Pricing professionals, who offer their insights to produce a successful result.

Are you acquiring a Greek company or a business in Greece?

All transactions—whether mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, or divestitures—raise complex issues regarding potential tax risks and provide opportunities to implement practical strategies to improve tax efficiency and certainty. When deals involve companies with global operations, the range of issue to consider is compounded. Companies need an adviser with deep experience across a wide range of issues in multiple jurisdictions. Deloitte offers support in all aspects of mergers, acquisition or disposition transactions, including due diligence, structuring, modeling, financing, post-merger integration and reporting. Deloitte can assist in effectively navigating the myriad of tax, accounting, regulatory, cultural, and labour issues that arise in a transaction and helps companies to fully realize the anticipated post-integration benefits.

Deloitte Technological Solutions

✧ CFC sanity check

Our digital tool, developed in collaboration with Deloitte globally, can easily and accurately guide you through the local CFC rules and identify the cases where non-Greek entities qualify as Controlled Foreign Corporations, for which special rules apply, with respect to their undistributed profits.

The benefits for your business

✔️ Ensures responsiveness

Engaging Deloitte as you tax advisor ensures responsiveness, leveraging a global network

✔️ High-end tax technology tools

Deloitte provides you access to high-end tax technology tools, compliance with all local rules and legislation, updates for all global changes and upcoming legislative reforms.

✔️ Dedicated to serve your needs

Our team consists of high caliber and experienced practitioners, dedicated to serve your needs. 

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