Digital Maturity Study of Greek Economy and Business

Check all the findings of our report. A collaboration among SEV and Deloitte.

Deloitte supports the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the country's leading business federation and its Digital Transformation Observatory, which functions as a permanent monitoring mechanism for promoting the digital transformation of Greece.

Towards this end, Deloitte collaborated with SEV for the preparation of the Observatory’s 2nd edition report, which studies Greece’s digital maturity within the “new normal” as defined by the COVID-19 pandemic. The study presents the “SEV Digital Maturity Index – SEV DMI”, a new composite index which has been created for the purposes of the Observatory and consists of ~100 published key indicators and metrics that monitor the country's performance across 7 different dimensions (ICT / High Technology Sector, Connectivity Infrastructure, Policies & Regulatory Framework, Digital Skills, Digital Maturity of Businesses, Digital Maturity of Society, Digital Maturity of Public Sector).

The report highlights areas in which Greece has achieved significant improvements such as the pillar “Digital Maturity of Public Sector” where the country enhanced its rank by 4 positions (currently ranked 24th out of EU-28 countries), as well as areas where the country’s performance is weaker in comparison to its EU peers.

Moreover, the report outlines best practices across the EU, which could be implemented by Greece in an effort to increase the country’s digital maturity, while it also summarizes policy recommendations, which can promote Greece’s digital transformation and improve the country’s ranking within the SEV DMI during subsequent measurements.

Digital and Technological Maturity of the Greek Economy and Business
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