Digital Maturity study of Greek Economy and Greek Enterprises

Check all the findings of our report. A collaboration among SEV and Deloitte.

Deloitte supported the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV), the country's leading business federation, in the development of a Digital Transformation Observatory, namely a permanent monitoring mechanism for promoting the digital transformation of Greece.

Towards this end, Deloitte collaborated with SEV for the preparation of the
Observatory’s inaugural report, which studies Greece’s digital maturity. For
the purposes of the Observatory a new composite index was created, SEV Digital Maturity Index, consisting of ~100 published key indicators and metrics that monitor the country's performance across 7 different dimensions (ICT / High Technology Sector, Connectivity Infrastructure, Policies & Regulatory
Framework, Digital Skills, Digital Maturity of Businesses, Digital Maturity of
Society, Digital Maturity of Public Sector).

In addition, within the scope of the study, a primary survey was conducted in February 2019, with the participation of ~280 C-level business professionals in order to determine the level of adoption of digital technologies among Greek businesses. The responders answered a series of questions, grouped in 7 main pillars:

1. Digital Strategy, Business Organization, and Investments
2. Digital skills and Digital Transformation in HR/Talent Management
3. Technologic Infrastructures in back-office processes
4. Digital Transformation in the production and supply chain
5. Customer's journey Digitalization
6. Cybersecurity and Data Protection
7. Data Management

Digital and Technological Maturity of the Greek Economy and Business
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