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Deloitte understands today’s mobile challenges, and Deloitte's network of member firms has insights to share when it comes to leveraging SAP® tools to unlock the value of mobile.

Five roll-out ready mobile applications

Mobility is one of the few business technologies that can be easy to get up and running quickly—which is good news, since many business users are clamoring for mobile applications that deliver the ease of use and functionality they enjoy from nonbusiness apps. Deloitte has developed a set of mobile apps focused on common business issues, ranging from mobile selling and B2B order management to sales cycle management and post-sale support—with more apps on the way. You can use these tools to jumpstart your mobile capabilities and squeeze more value out of your investment in SAP® technologies.

rollout ready mobile apps
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Jan Waals

Jan Waals

Global SAP Chief Commercial Officer

Jan Waals has over 23 years of consulting experience and has been with Deloitte Consulting since 1994. He is known for Global Implementations for companies that are Headquartered in the US, Europe and... More