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Deloitte's network of member firms provides a wealth of SAP-based knowledge that procurement executives can draw on to enhance value throughout their purchasing organization.

SAP® Source-to-Pay Pre-Configured Solution: Building a foundation for holistic spend management

Is there a way to improve your bottom line without cutting staff or sacrificing customer service? Try looking at external spend, which can account for 40 percent to 70 percent of an average company’s cost structure. High quality source-to-pay capabilities can help you reduce the transactional effort of direct and indirect spend—reducing costs and freeing up time and resources for activities that are more valuable and strategic. But achieving those capabilities isn’t easy. Deloitte’s preconfigured source-to-pay solution for SAP® can help you realize the benefits sooner, providing the systems, processes, and business content you need to implement a broad, controlled, and sustainable spend management framework.

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SAP®-based Source-to-Pay Preconfigured Solution: New horizons in sourcing and procurement excellence

What if your organization viewed everything through the eyes of the purchasing team? Most likely, it would be easier to cut costs and manage total cost of ownership, supply risks would be easier to keep under control, and executives would have improved visibility into spending. And that’s just the beginning. However, achieving those results is easier said than done. Deloitte’s Source-to-Pay preconfigured solution helps jump-start the process, making it easier to get advanced capabilities in place fast.

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