Dimitris Koutsopoulos


Dimitris Koutsopoulos

3a Fragkokklisias & Granikou str.




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Dimitris Koutsopoulos is the CEO of Deloitte Greece and the firm’s Innovation Leader.

Since 1998, when Dimitris joined Deloitte, he has worked to further develop the firm’s service offerings to solve clients’ complex challenges embedding innovation.

Highly motivated by the opportunities brought by Industry 4.0 and the Future of Work, Dimitris and his team help organizations to understand and embrace emerging technologies guiding them towards new opportunities for growth.

He is a Chartered Accountant and hold a BSc in Economics and two post graduate degrees in International Finance and Business & Management. Dimitris is a member of the Supervisory Committee of the Greek Registered auditors and a founding member of the Council of Competitiveness of Greece. Outside of work, Dimitris is passionate with sports having participated in numerous Marathon runs and triathlon races. 

Dimitris Koutsopoulos