Yves Van Durme

Partner | Deloitte Consulting

Global Organisation Transformation Leader

Yves Van Durme

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Yves is the Global Organisation Transformation Leader and is a partner in the North & South Europe Consulting practice of Deloitte. He has been leading the Strategic Change team on a journey to change 'Change'. Yves is specialised in Cultural Transformation, Leadership & Organisational Development and (data-driven) People Strategy, and has over 20 years’ experience as a consultant, project manager and program developer for Human Capital projects for multiple European, Japanese, American and Belgian multinationals. Based on his experience coaching high performance sports, he has an affinity for leadership and organisational development. Previously, Yves was the Business Unit Director ‘Talent Management’ for Hudson BNL where he was involved from a content and management perspective with HR strategy, competency and performance management, career counseling, assessments, management development, organisation and change.

Yves Van Durme