International Trade


International Trade

The importance of good performance of international relations in the political, commercial and cultural development worldwide is essential today to achieve integral development.

International Trade Division supports you through the following services:


1. Advice and support for domestic and foreign investors in different sectors on issues:

  • Export regulations
  • Migration Regulations
  • Estate
  • Regulations to register as a contributor
  • Registration and Legal Regulations for the establishment of companies
  • Obligations of companies
  • Obtaining permits to operate
  • Legal proceedings and prosecutors to establish a society
  • Intellectual Property
  • Location and cost of rent


2. Advice and support for importing and exporting sector on:

  • Regulations, procedures and formalities to perform imports and exports in a successful manner.


3. Internationalization

  • Use and development of TLC’s
  • Tariff Optimization load
  • Financial, cultural, political, geographic and economic information of Guatemala.
  • Commercial Exchange (country concerned)
  • Verification of labor and environmental compliance
  • Development of Codes of Conduct and Ethics


4. Implementation and compliance verification process CSR:

Support companies to incorporate the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and put into practice by deploying a CSR strategy.

CSR is immersed within the broad role of business becoming a Business Culture based on ethical principles.


5. Corporate Governance

The family protocol and the Family Council are part of the infrastructure of Corporate Governance, so it is necessary to ensure proper implementation and operation; Deloitte Guatemala has a line of specialized services that contribute to the achievement of best practices and processes in the family business.


6. Project Management / Project Management

Our Project Management methodology aligned to the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) supports and accompanies methodologically management, integration and control of the project with its success; keeping focused critical aspects for continuity of operations and financial control.


7. counseling is also provided in the development of:

• Market studies by country and product

• Guides and verification processes in the areas of sales, purchasing, importing and exporting

• Use and utilization of TLCs

• Recovery of overpaid Tariffs

• Training seminars

• financial, cultural, political, geographic and economic Guatemala information.

• Information for doing business in Guatemala

• Commercial Exchange (country concerned)

• Verification of labor and environmental compliance

• Development of Codes of Conduct and Ethics