SAP preconfigured solutions


Get there faster with Deloitte SAP based accelerators and solutions

SAP Preconfigured Solutions

Take your toughest industry- or business-specific challenge. Now pull together all the most powerful capabilities SAP has to offer, in one laser-focused solution. That’s what Deloitte’s SAP-based preconfigured solutions are all about.

What if you could cherry-pick all the SAP capabilities you needed to take on your toughest business challenges?  With our growing set of SAP-based preconfigured solutions, that’s exactly what we’ve done.  The result?  Highly targeted SAP solutions that you can drop into your business today to start generating results faster than you may have planned.  If you’re ready to get started, so are our preconfigured solutions.

CRM Pre-Configured Solution

Our clients are always looking for ways to reduce costs, minimize risks, save time on implementations—generally making their business more efficient and effective. This solution is designed to deliver an accelerated approach to help you drive real value from customer-facing operations. Among the benefits are effective practices in marketing, sales, service, and integration with SAP ERP. It is a comprehensive solution, providing an outsourced model for all key phases — implementation, hosting, and support. We even offer a special workshop designed to help further uncover the value in your customer operations.

Human Capital Management

Our HR FastForward offering is designed to facilitate and accelerate SAP HCM initiatives as part of an organization’s HR Transformation goals. It helps clients realize their value and benefits sooner and help improve total ROI. This service offering draws on the latest elements of SAP HCM, including SuccessFactors, together with our extensive industry and functional knowledge to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective, on-demand/on-premise, business-led HCM solution.

Preconfigured SAP HCM solution delivered by Deloitte Consulting

Supply Chain Management

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) template is designed to help deliver an end-to-end supply chain solution, based on SAP’s SCM software suite, and incorporates the effective practices that we have developed from our extensive supply chain and SAP-related experience. It features a robust SAP system and full documentation, designed to enable our clients to develop their supply chain processes, which are subsequently fully enabled by SAP SCM. The template not only provides an accelerator, but dramatically increases comprehension of the solution, which should lead to increases in quality and rapid user adoption of the new solution.

Deloitte Consulting’s Aerospace & Defense Pre-configured Solution (DCAPS)

Our team combines industry knowledge and experience with core A&D ERP capabilities in the areas of sales and distribution, customer support, production planning, finance, logistics execution, and material, quality, and program management. Our DCAPS offering is an SAP All-In-One certified solution – 80% focused on critical, core business processes and 20% providing the flexibility needed to help A&D companies address their specific needs. DCAPS is designed to help shorten implementation time, streamline costs, and better manage risks.

Soar to new heights with DCAPS 6.0

Food & Beverage Pre-configured Solution

Co-developed by Deloitte and SAP, the Food & Beverage (F&B) pre-configured solution is an affordable, practical alternative for large- and mid-sized manufacturers of general food, meat, dairy, soft drinks, and beer. Eighty percent of the solution is focused on the core business processes that are most critical for F&B companies, with the remaining 20% providing the flexibility necessary to help you address company-specific performance, customer, and regulatory requirements.

Deloitte’s Consumer Products Food & Beverage (DCPBF) solution is now a qualified SAP® Business All-in-One partner solution. The solution offers consumer products and food and beverage companies a preconfigured and scalable platform to handle their core business requirements, such as product development, sales order management, finance and regulatory compliance, and warehouse management, among other functions

Life Sciences Pre-configured Solution

The U.S. life sciences industry – including pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical product, technology and device companies – is focused on innovating and transforming itself for the future. The goal is to balance the promise of great discoveries while meeting the challenges of market and public expectations and increasing regulation in an era of health care reform.  Increasingly, life sciences companies are placing more emphasis on globalization and moving to more efficient cost structures, including investing in more effective processes for research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and distribution. All of these actions are designed to improve the flexibility, agility, and reach of life sciences companies as they deal with the new dynamics of developing targeted therapies and transitioning to a “niche-buster” versus “block-buster” product model.  We know our clients don’t want to “re-invent the wheel” when it comes to implementing an SAP solution to address these trends, so that is why our SAP-Certified, Pre-Configured Life Sciences All-in-One Solution delivers an effective “template” that effectively will address these challenges and help our clients implement industry-leading practices in an accelerated manner.  Our Life Sciences SAP Pre-Configured Solution includes a comprehensive set of ready-to-run scenarios, process models, and various accelerators, such as business requirements, test scripts, and templates, to support our clients with a rapid design and implementation approach that works in a validated environment.

Manufacturing Pre-Configured Solution

Deloitte has many years of experience helping manufacturers improve their operational performance and implement technology. Our DCAMSS solution provides technology, leading practices, and processes in a single package that can help your company grow. Deloitte has designed DCAMSS to be portable, scalable, and customizable to address your concerns regardless of your organization’s size. It can even support multiple languages and currencies of global organizations. In many cases, the solution can be implemented in fewer than seven months.

Through DCAMSS, your clients will see improved reporting and cash management flow activities, while still meeting international finance regulations. They’ll see an increase in efficiency and service levels along with a reduction of costs and errors. The solution can help integrate functionality among fragmented systems to enhance information sharing and customer service. Moreover, mobility technology can be implemented to help your clients manage business anytime from anywhere.

Mining Pre-Configured Solution

Our Mining-in-a-Box (MiB) SAP Pre-Configured solution incorporates effective practices for the industry that we have developed over time in our work with SAP. It features a robust SAP system and full documentation capabilities that enable mining companies of any size to implement SAP faster and smarter, using fewer resources and resulting in fewer business disruptions. MiB is designed to help you simultaneously address the operational challenges and capacity constraints that your company is facing during the economic downturn.

Moving mountains

Solar Pre-Configured Solution

Solar industry specialists recently developed the Deloitte Solar template, a pre-configured SAP application, based on the latest SAP-Release, designed to meet industry-specific challenges facing manufacturers of both thin-film and crystalline solar and human resources needs during this period of industry evolution and company growth. Because it is pre-configured, our solution accelerates the implementation process so practitioners can address the company’s specific business requirements faster than traditional approaches and without having to make sacrifices to critical functionality. Last, but not least, it is scalable and cost-efficient — important considerations for rapidly growing businesses.

The Deloitte Solar Template

Utilities Pre-Configured Solution

The SAP Utilities Template is an accelerator where clients can take advantage of the latest and greatest technology deployments for servicing customers. This includes user friendly and efficient customer interaction screens in WebIC 7.0, and integration with smart grid processes including meter lifecycle, automated meter actions, demand management and billing. Efficient and cost effective customer service and customer interaction, coupled with the latest communication/smart grid enabled technologies will make this template valuable to all types of utility companies whether electric, gas, water, or combined.

The SAP Utility Template