SWIFT Customer Security Program

Banking information is some of the most important information to keep private. Deloitte can help business leaders navigate the factors associated with implementing SWIFT's Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) as well as address SWIFT dependencies and ultimately disrupt through innovation.

The 2021 SWIFT CSP Update and its Impact

The SWIFT Customer Security Programme was created to set the bar of cyber security for the financial services industry, following a series of cyber heists. In this paper, we look at the most recent changes that were made to the Customer Security Control Framework (CSCF) in order to maintain an up to date cyber security maturity in the financial industry. You may have some questions around this. How do the 2021 changes to the CSCF affect your organisation? What are the updates to the CSCF in 2021? When will we have to attest against the 2021 CSCF?

In this paper we will have a more detailed look at what these changes are and how it affects your organisation.

The 2021 SWIFT CSP Update and its Impact


SWIFT's strategic security principles

The SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework is build up out of 3 objectives and 7 strategic security principles. The framework is applicable to four types of SWIFT user architectures, titled A1, A2, A3, and B. SWIFT users must first identify which architecture applies to them before implementing the applicable controls.

Deloitte SWIFT Customer Security Programme experience
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