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We help our clients to act quickly and confidently in a crisis, investigation or dispute. We use our network, deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve issues. We deliver the proactive advice that clients need to reduce the risk of problems.

COVID19 Action: Routes to reclaiming losses

It can be a daunting task to make sense of the current environment and keep abreast of all the information needed for you to make informed choices. It is essential now that we consider the next steps to ensure that costs and losses are minimised, while also making certain that we have identified all mechanisms to recoup losses through either contractual or insurance routes. 

Routes to reclaiming losses

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The connected defense: Elevating the fight against financial crime

Using 4IR technologies to prevent and detect the growing ecosystem of financial crime. Our collective connectivity increases the digital attack surface for cyber—both at home and at the workplace. But the same technologies that have given rise to a digital criminal ecosystem can be turned on their head to help combat financial crimes.

Deloitte Bribery & Corruption Survey 2019

Bribery and corruption is a multi-dimensional issue, where incidents can undermine an organisation’s reputation, culture, regulatory standing and profitability. Beyond organisational borders, this force damages people, communities, economies and countries.

How we can help

As corporate and personal finances get stretched, people may be more tempted to commit fraud to benefit themselves or to falsify financial results. Evidence suggests that the average organisation may be losing the equivalent of 5% of its annual turnover to fraud, so it is essential that businesses react rapidly and appropriately to any suspicion of fraud or misconduct.

Our Deloitte forensic team has experience in all types of forensic investigations and in helping organisations manage and reduce the risks of fraud.

Our team provides the full range of forensic services, including: 





Harnessing the power of Analytics and AI for contract management

dTrax is an end-to-end Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) solution that improves contracting efficiency, visibility and compliance through advanced analytics. Using extracted contract-related data and integrating it with business data, dTrax provides standardised templates, first draft automation and management of full negotiation and workflow with streamlining the contract management process with all executed contracts in one place.

Recent Insights and Thought Leadership

Financial Crime that fraud?

This was a question posed to me recently, in response to me confirming that the day job for me is a financial crime investigator. “Yes” I said with conviction and then “well yes and no”.  If only it was that simple…

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How to spot possible fraud

Throughout the numerous fraud investigations we have carried out, we have identified a list of common themes or ‘red flags’. Any one of these could indicate that a possible fraud is taking place. Being alert to red flags and responding appropriately can assist you to detect fraud earlier and in some cases prevent fraud occurring altogether.


Deloitte Halo

Deloitte Halo is our digital whistleblowing solution. It equips your organisation with secure and confidential reporting channels that help you strengthen governance and internal controls.

Deloitte Halo

The Evolution of Forensic Investigations - A Series

An analytics driven approach to fighting fraud

Forensic analytics is a critical capability in the future of investigations. Our five-part series explores analytics-driven fraud fighting approach, the need for available and accurate data, technologies required to extract data and realise its value, and continuous monitoring of transactions and activities, a process that produces invaluable results.

Part 1: Integrating human and machine intelligence

Organisations can better identify and investigate attacks, as well as thwart future ones, by combining artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and statistical concepts of cognitive analytics with skilled forensic investigation of fraudster motives and methods. Such an approach can help investigators get to the bottom of the problem quicker and identify the root cause of incidents to improve their sensing capabilities and help prevent re-occurrence.

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Deirdre Carwood

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Deirdre is a senior forensic accountant with over 20 years’ experience in developing and leading financial crime solutions in the areas of investigations, anti-bribery and corruption, KYC, fraud risk ... More