Transaction services

Achieve the best value from a transaction

Our Transaction services go beyond pure financial due diligence and will help you complete deals faster, with minimum disruption and on more favourable terms.

How we can help

Competitive advantage through transactions
We help our clients achieve the best value from a transaction, be it through supporting stock exchange listings, public takeovers, performing pre-acquisition or pre-sale vendor assistance or vendor due diligence. Our aim is to add more to a transaction than pure financial due diligence by delivering seamless incremental services that help our clients achieve a competitive advantage.

Acquisition due diligence

The team provides specialised due diligence and related mergers and acquisitions (M&A) services for national and multinational corporate and equity clients. We co-ordinate and work with experts from other fields to ensure a client's diligence requirements are fulfilled. We provide clients with commercially focused support from deal screening and origination to comprehensive due diligence. We offer integrated teams which bring together specialists in commercial, operational and IT due diligence to deliver the high-quality analysis required to support the decision to buy or lend.

Post merger integration

The merging of two or more organisations is complex and fraught with difficulty. The best acquirers follow a structured and disciplined approach with clear strategic objectives, detailed implementation plans and a focus on creating and capturing value. Our supports clients with benefit case review and implementation plan validation, development of integration or separation blueprints, development of detailed implementation plans and supporting financials, planning and managing the discrete actions required to complete the deal and ensure business continuity, and managing people issues and programme communication. All of these areas are supported by a comprehensive range of tools and methodologies designed to help a management team complete a successful transaction.

Vendor due diligence

Vendor initiated due diligence maximises value, minimises disruption and reduces the risk of unpleasant surprises late in the disposal process. Our team works alongside management to identify key areas of separation activity as well as areas of vulnerability that will affect value coupled with solutions to address them. The team provides bidders with a high quality, independent and focused due diligence report on the business. This ensures all bidders have the information necessary for them to bid with confidence thereby maximising the value achieved from the disposal.

Capital markets: Flotations & IPO services

We offer comprehensive reporting services to meet the requirements of companies and sponsors as part of the preparation for listing, whether in a flotation on the main market of the Dublin or London stock exchanges or in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM).

Sale & purchase agreement advice

We advise our audit and due diligence clients on the implications of the transaction contracts they are negotiating. This includes purchase price adjustment mechanisms and the structure of completion accounts principles included in share purchase agreements. Drawing on our substantial experience in transaction disputes, and working closely with a client’s legal advisers, we can help develop contractual solutions to accounting or commercial issues identified by the core Deloitte team. This unique service gives our clients a significant advantage in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process - and could alter the fundamental economics of your transaction.

Working capital management

We have a proven track record in helping businesses achieve rapid improvements in cash and working capital management by enhancing procedures and controls, often employing the expertise of our tax, property and industry specialists. Common indicators of a need to review cash and working capital management can include high levels of working capital investment relative to turnover, deteriorating working capital metrics, and an inability to manage seasonal fluctuations. Our team helps clients unlock cash, reduce funding requirements, improve cash flow visibility, negotiate with key creditors, improve asset utilisation and smooth relationships between management, lenders and other stakeholders.