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Global Human Capital Trends 2021: The social enterprise in a world disrupted

Leading the shift from survive to thrive: Irish special report

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the largest work experiment in modern history, in which flexible working is just the tip of the iceberg. In a devastating global health crisis, one of the few positives has been a glimpse into what people are capable of when traditional constraints such as hierarchies, bureaucracy and the 9-5 working day are stripped away.

Diving deeper: Five workforce trends to watch in 2021

In this Irish special report, we explore the journey from survive to thrive through the lens of five Deloitte’s 2021 Global Human Capital Trends.


1. Designing work for wellbeing: Building a sustainable future where workers can feel and perform at their best

The Trend: Organisations are taking wellbeing beyond work/life balance by
starting to design wellbeing into work – and life – itself.

Surviving: Supporting wellbeing through programmes adjacent to work.

Thriving: Integrating wellbeing into work through thoughtful work design.


2. Beyond reskilling: Unleashing workforce potential

The Trend: Organisations need a workforce development approach that considers both the dynamic nature of work and the equally dynamic potential of workers to reinvent themselves.

Surviving: Pushing training to workers from the top down, on the assumption that the organisation knows best what skills workers need.

Thriving: Empowering workers with agency and choice over what work they do, unleashing their potential by allowing them to apply their interests and passions to organisational needs.


3. Superteams: Where work happens

The Trend: COVID-19 has taught organisations that teams and technology are even more important to thriving in constant disruption than they thought before.
Surviving: Using technology as a tool to make teams more efficient.
Thriving: Integrating humans and technology into superteams that use their
complementary capabilities to re-architect work in more human ways.


4. Governing workforce strategies: Setting new directions for work and the workforce

The Trend: Organisations are looking for forward-looking insights about their workforce that can help them pivot quickly and set new directions in the face of uncertainty.

Surviving: Using metrics and measurements that describe the current state of
the workforce.

Thriving: Accessing and action on continuous workforce insights that can support better, faster decisions based on an understanding of what the workforce is capable of in the future.


5. A memo to HR: Accelerating the shift to re-architecting work 

The Trend: The Future of Work always needed the HR function to expand its remit and COVID-19 has accelerated this process by opening up a window of opportunity for HR to re-architect work throughout the enterprise.

Surviving: Having a functional mindset that focuses on optimising and redesigning HR processes to manage the workforce.

Thriving: Embracing an enterprise mindset that prioritises re-architecting work to capitalise on unique human strengths.

Global Human Capital Trends 2021

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