Fitness Market Overview Post COVID 19

Deloitte Catalyst | Tel Aviv

With an increasing awareness of the importance of a balanced lifestyle, and the traction healthier food and wellness is getting over the last several years, it is not surprising that the global fitness market is on the rise. In addition to greater awareness, digital platforms, social media and Omni channel capabilities also contributed to the worldwide increase in trainees.

As highlighted by this report, 2019 was a record year for the fitness market,
demonstrating a continuous increase in market volume. Unfortunately, the
momentum has been greatly affected by the outbreak of COVID 19, which has
changed the rules of the game in the fitness world.

This report covers global fitness market trends, with a deep dive into COVID
19 implications and suggestions for the future. Although this "new normal" is still very new, the phenomena of a sector coming to an almost complete halt, motivated us to address the situation in real time.

The data gathering and analysis for this report was done in collaboration with Arbox, an Israeli startup active in the fitness market, which serves 40 % of the total Israeli fitness.


Amit Harel
Director, Services to MNCs
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel-Aviv

Michal Tagrin
Senior Manager, Head of Sensing Team 
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel-Aviv

Ariel Fox
Sports-Tech Domain Manager
Sensing Team,
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel-Aviv

Alen Debensason

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About Arbox:

Arbox is an easy to use business management platform for boutique gyms and fitness studios. With more than 1 million active users and a focus on community based fitness businesses, Arbox is uniquely positioned to collect and analyze data on the impact of COVID 19 in order to provide key insights into the future of the fitness industry.

Global Fitness Industry Overview -

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