Deloitte Israel’s 2022 Mergers & Acquisitions Report

In 2022 the Israeli M&A market has slowed down, resulting in 205 deals with 22 billion dollars in value. This is a sharp decrease in the yearly number of deals (35%) and in deal value (10%). 

The main theme in the M&A market was UNCERTAINTY.

These relatively poor market performance could be attributed mainly to macro economic influences such as:

• High interest rates.

• COVID19 positive market influences fading.

• Russia/Ukraine war and its effect on commodity prices.


Main report findings include:

• A 60% decrease in the number of deals when comparing the second half of 2022 to the equivalent time in 2021. 

• Although the TMT (Technology, Media, Telecom) sector held the largest number of deals this year (77), in 2021 there were almost twice as many deals.

• Growing interest in traditional economy companies (such as trading and services, industrials etc.) 

• Foreign investors have invested in 44% less deals this year, when compared to 2021 (59/105).

• Private Equities are responsible for 20% of the deals.  

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