The Digital Dimension Podcast 

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When technology, innovation and business meet: Deloitte Israel’s experts, together with industry executives, discuss the fascinating issues in the digital world for business.

The Digital Dimension Podcast

The Digital Dimension Podcast

The talent is the customer: How digital user experience is essential to recruiting and retaining talents.

Let’s talk about one of the most important things that help keep talents in the organization: a quality digital user experience. When the onboarding process goes smoothly, and all corporate services are accessible to the employee at the click of a button, the chances are high that our client (the talent) will be satisfied. Inbal Namir, head of future work environment at Deloitte Israel, and Nir Bar-Lev, CEO of ServiceNow, in a fascinating chapter, on the importance of the digital work environment in the battle for talent.

The Talent Chase

Inbal Namir, Head of Future Work Environment at Deloitte Israel, and Noa Ben-Arie, Head of Human Capital Consulting at Deloitte Israel, discuss the most valuable resource in the organization – its talents.

The accelerated evolution of the creative team

Maayan Froind, partner and head of Awesome at Deloitte, and Tal Schweiger, Director of Strategy at Awesome, sit together for a conversation about the evolution of the Creative Team. Not so long ago, creative professionals were primarily good storytellers. They were the ones in charge of branding, copy, and design around the client's product. Recent years, however, have shown a major shift on that end. The creative team increasingly find themselves as the creators of the stories; and to do their job well, they must understand business, data and AI.

The evolution of marketing managers

Racheli Kriel,Deloitte Israel CMO and Itay Boneh, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital Discuss the significant changes in the perception of the marketing managers role

How to prevent cyber attacks?

How to plan a cyber policy and what must you know to plan a good organizational cyber policy? What is the CEO's role when preparing for cyber-attacks? Lior Kaleb, head of the Israeli Cyber Center at Deloitte, and Shai Shabtai, an expert in cyber defense strategy discuss all things cyber.

Competition in the Digital Age in constant acceleration

Technological changes have led to tremendous transformations in the digital world. How do traditional companies cope in a changing competitive market? In this episode, Rani Argov, co-leader of Deloitte Digital, and Shally Tshuva, a partner at Monitor - Deloitte's strategic consulting practice - explain how startups that are perceived as competitors become strategic partners, why it is so important to retain existing customers; How to optimize the value chain, and why competition is only going to become more intense.

Management Challenges In Competitive Markets

In this episode, Dr. Yuval Dror talks with Rani Argov, co-leader of Deloitte Digital, and Shally Tshuva, a partner at Monitor - Deloitte's strategic consulting practice -, about competition in a changing technological world. How can organizations stand out in multidimensional competition? Which technologies should we invest in? What strategies can one use against competition and what organizational challenges did they face as managers in a competitive market

How to create a positive customer experience in the digital space?

Every company strives to give the best user experience and to do that, you need to touch one’s emotion. But how do you even appeal to the emotional sentiment in the digital space? And how do you harness the emotion for a good interaction with the customer? Watch and find out!

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