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Chair of the Future – India Perspective

Finding the right balance is the biggest responsibility of the Chair and Board; however, our interactions with the Chairs of Indian corporations give us a sense of optimism. For the India component of the project, Atul Dhawan, Chairperson, Deloitte India, interviewed 35 Chairs of Indian corporations (17 executive Chairs and 18 non-executive Chairs). They provided great insights, not limited to their views on what the Boards of today are currently addressing, but also on the role of the Chair itself, and how it can elevate the Board to the next level—to become the Board of the future.

Start-up Governance Playbook

Corporate governance begins with the core beliefs and behaviors that guide a company and provide a clear sense of direction. Over time, it develops into a framework of rules, processes, and practices that govern the management and control of the organisation. This encompasses various aspects, including ownership structure, decision-making processes, adherence to legal and regulatory requirements etc.

Chair of the Future - Global

The role of the board chair is expanding. Insights gleaned from conversations with board chairs around the world provide a road map for how chairs can address new demands.

Women in the Boardroom – 7th Edition

The Deloitte Global Boardroom Program’s Seventh Edition of the Women in the boardroom: A global perspective report includes updates from 72 countries on gender diversity in the boardroom, exploring insights on the political, social, and legislative trends behind these numbers. While these private and public sector efforts demonstrate steps toward achieving parity, the pace of collective progress needs to pick up.

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