About Best Managed Companies 2023

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Applicants must progress through the below two phases to be considered as a Best Managed Company:

Phase 1 application: Interested companies will be asked to fill out a Stage 1 application on the Best Managed Companies’ secure website. This will give a high-level overview of the business, ensuring that the company is best suited to gain value from the Best Managed Companies programme.

Phase 2 application: Companies identified to move on to the next phase will participate in a Best Managed Lab with trained Deloitte coaches. The lab deep-dives into the company’s strategy, governance, culture capabilities, and innovation. Using the information from this lab, companies will complete a more detailed application.

Applications will be reviewed by an independent judging panel, who will determine which companies will receive the “Best Managed Companies” designation in 2023. Companies awarded the “Best Managed” designation will be recognised at a gala dinner

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