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Deloitte Private connects leaders of privately held businesses and family enterprises to a network of ideas, knowledge and experience. We create personalized solutions and deliver value through every milestone.

Next-gen Navigators December 2021

In this edition of our newsletter, we focus on how their organisations and the business environment have evolved especially during the pandemic, how they have avoided some landmines and the way ahead.

Manufacturing – The key to growth and innovation August 2021

Welcome to the fourth edition of our Deloitte Private newsletter, and the current edition’s focus is “manufacturing”. 

Start-up Ecosystem February 2021

The fourth edition of our Deloitte Private Newsletter focuses on digital, innovation, and start-ups.

Family Enterprises: Perspectives September 2020

In this edition of our newsletter, we focus on the most topical theme of “family enterprise”.

Growth-Deloitte Perspectives May 2020

In this edition of our newsletter, we focus on COVID-19 questions doing the rounds around managing deal flow, the criteria for portfolio selection, managing fund raising, Limited Partner (LP)- General Partner (GP) negotiation, interpretation of legal clauses, and the recent tweaks in the FDI regulations.

Growth-Deloitte Perspectives January 2020

The first issue of our newsletter “Growth – Deloitte
Perspectives”, a quarterly perspective, entails updates around economic developments and best practices sharing.

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