India: The year that was and will be

January 2021 

As the nation waded through the pandemic-induced challenges in 2020, every industry had its fair share of learnings along the way. In our recent report “India: The year that was and will be”, we assess the emerging industry trends and their adaption to the “new norms for a few select industries in 2020. We provide a snapshot of the changing trends and experiences for industries such as automotive, hospitality, entertainment and media, retail industry, pharmaceutical and health, and technology and telecom and how these industries have improvised over the past few months to sustain their businesses through unprecedented times.

As India continues to grapple with the pandemic stepping into the new year, we try looking at 2021 and beyond through a macroeconomic forecasting lens. We believe the role of government policy measures and their effectiveness will be important in determining the strength and pace of the revival. With all eyes on the budget, the government will have to walk a tightrope balancing industry expectations of higher spending to prop up the economy and fiscal constraints. We expect the budget to be socially inclusive and growth-augmenting.

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