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The Entrepreneur Summit is an annual event hosted by Deloitte Private that brings together leading investors and highly successful investee companies for a unique networking and learning opportunity.

From facilitating insightful conversations and building new bridges to unlocking new opportunities, the Summit has everything covered, to help its participants grow in new ways and “connect to what is possible”.

Frequently asked questions

The Entrepreneur Summit by Deloitte Private is a live event. You should have received an email titled ‘Deloitte Entrepreneur Summit 2023 | Company Invite | Request to Register’. In case you have not received it, please inform Brijesh Kukreja at bkukreja@deloitte.com, Raj Chandiwala at rchandiwala@deloitte.com, or Meghna Biju at mbiju@deloitte.com.

We have selected several relevant private equity funds (“investors”) to meet with you at the event. Your meeting schedule will be made available to you via an email closer to the event date.

We have aimed to arrange your meetings with investors who either have relevant experience or are interested in businesses of your characteristics and scale.

At each one-on-one meeting, there will be representatives from your organisation and investor(s) (generally limited to two-three attendees on both sides).

Additionally, there will be a Deloitte representative whom you will be introduced to ahead of the Summit.

The Deloitte representative will facilitate your dialogue with the investor(s).

Each meeting will last approximately 30 minutes (possible to be extended by ten minutes, if required). Accordingly, we believe it is best that you consider covering the following items within 15 minutes:

  • An overview of your business, including the history of how you started it
  • Major milestones that your business has achieved over the years
  • An overview of the sector or industry of your business (mention some of the other players)
  • Your ongoing role in the organisation and that of the key management
  • Any other highlights of the business that you think may be relevant for the investor to understand the point

The meetings have been designed to help your potential investor gather enough information about your business and evaluate it during the interacting with you and to also help you receive enough background and information on the investor in terms of their investments, philosophy, etc.

If the key aspects are aligned and are of interest to you, you may even agree for follow-up meeting(s) or call(s) with an investor down the track.

This is not necessary. However, if you’re comfortable with using slides or any reference material as a talking guide, then please feel free to share in advance so that the organising team can keep the printed copies ready.

It is up to you. You may provide information on revenue or any other piece of financial information if you’re comfortable doing so. This is simply from the perspective of providing them a view of the scale of your business.

We encourage you to wrap up the meeting within 30 minutes in case the meeting isn’t extended. This will help you settle down well ahead of your next meeting and allow the investor team to get set for their upcoming meeting on time. Your Deloitte representative will help ensure that these meetings finish within the set schedule.

Your Deloitte representative will actively follow up after the summit for a debrief with you.

Meanwhile, we will look forward to your feedback on the quality of the meetings and the nature of the event. Any constructive comments are highly elicited.

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