Combat COVID-19 with resilience

GIC webinars

Global In-house Centres (GICs) embark upon the journey to normalise operations

The spread of COVID-19 has affected the Global In-house Centres (GIC) across the service delivery value chain. This crisis is an opportunity for the GICs towards adapting to the changing situation and becoming more agile.

GICs will have to make certain strategic choices on the operating models for longer term sustainability. Through this webinar, we discussed how GICs can chart out a recovery plan and prepare themselves for “The New Normal”.

Our session covered:

  • What is the ‘New Normal’ for GICs and how to transform and adapt?

  • What are the considerations across work, workforce, and workplace to enable recovery?

  • How can the business continuity planning (BCP) be more agile and prompt?

  • What are the immediate tax implications post COVID-19?

  • What are some of the market solutions and key learnings from other GICs?

Role of GICs on cost and cash management

Learn how Global In-house Centres (GICs) are looking at cost levers for their centres to optimise in the post-COVID-19 scenario.

As an unprecedented impact of COVID-19, organisations have started reviewing their ability to respond to such situations with resilience, to effectively manage their costs and long-term sustainability of operations while staying innovative with their delivery models.

With recent events still unfolding, organisations are facing a host of pressures and challenges to manage costs and liquidity, and ensure that business runs as usual. This has led to a paradigm shift in the way GICs try to effectively manage cost and also assist the broader global organisation with revisiting cash flows—both inflow and outflow, and ensure that all possible levers and insights can be put to use.

Through this webinar, we discussed how GICs can relook at their cost strategies and ensure they do not just tide over this volatile phase but sustain over time as well.

Our session focused on discussing the following topics:

  • What are the key drivers to manage cost in today’s context?

  • How do we potentially drive such costs and sharing select case studies

  • What are the benefits and relaxations available from a tax/regulatory perspective that can support this initiative?

  • How can GICs move up the value chain to support their global organisation with similar initiatives of cash and cost management using their expertise, insights, and data? 

  • What role can technology play to drive these initiatives?
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