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What sets outperforming CEOs apart and how boards can help

Findings from our empirical research offer a few propositions for CEOs and board members that could improve their companies’ performance. We believe a company’s success rests on two shoulders. The first shoulder is that of the CEOs who are critical to driving a company’s performance. That requires exploring a mix of strategies developed methodically and executed consistently, without losing sight of profitability and stakeholders’ interest. The second shoulder is that of boards whose responsibilities do not end with choosing the right CEO. They are also responsible for providing clarity on performance expectations (both in the short and long term), ensuring a smooth transition, and giving the CEOs the necessary time to implement the board’s vision.

India’s FDI opportunity

Through an investor's lens - a survey report

Recent FDI inflows have been a silver lining and have provided necessary optimism, despite the COVID-19 disruption to the economy. In FY2020-21, FDI inflows (including equity, re-invested earnings, and capital) amounted to a record US$81.72 billion, 10 percent higher than the previous financial year.

With this report, we hope to provide insights into the findings and create a conversation on the role FDI can play in accelerating India’s passage towards a US$5 trillion economy.

India's turning point

Time is running out to act on climate change. But rather than climate action being a drain on our economy, our India report shows it will significantly boost GDP and accelerate phenomenal growth.
With decarbonization acting as a new economic engine, India plays a key role in providing the skills, technology and innovation for this global transformation.

By moving now with bold action, we can not only avoid the worst impacts of climate change, but also create prosperous long-term economic growth for India and the world. But we only do this if we do it together and we do it now – we are at a turning point.

Women in the boardroom: A global perspective

This seventh edition of the Deloitte Global Boardroom Program’s Women in the Boardroom report shows progress toward increasing the number of women on corporate boards, albeit slow progress. The worldwide average of women on boards now sits at 19.7%, an increase of just 2.8 percentage points since our last report, published in 2019. If this rate of change were to continue every two years, we could expect to reach a level approaching parity in 2045.

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