Intelligent Mining


Intelligent Mining

Delivering real value

Digital is now impacting the mining industry. Technology has advanced to such an extent that the barriers of high cost of entry and a very physical value chain are no longer enough to provide protection against large-scale disruption.

India aspires to be a US $5 trillion economy by FY24 and US $10 trillion by FY30, Metals & Mining is expected to have a significant play in this growth journey with current contribution ~5% of India’s GDP ($150 billion).

Intelligent Mining is about broader organisation transformation, and not just a ‘digital mine’. Intelligent Mining will impact the way decisions are made, skills are required, workforce and communities are engaged with, and how optimally resources, such as energy, are utilised.

An effective digital transformation programme should be self-funding and not a make-or-break proposition. Identifying and prioritising opportunities should be consistent with the key theme of speed and agility.

Deloitte’s pre-configured use cases and Digital Value Office (DVO) can incubate the transformation journey by enabling rapid value realisation through collaboration, transparency, and the right partnerships.

In this report:

  • Digital as enabler to unleash India's mining potential
  • Future is intelligent mining
  • Intelligent mining will require organisation transformation
  • Where to start
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