Skill development for the youth

Self-development is fundamental for success – personally and professionally, however there isn’t enough emphasis on this in the formal education system. Inevitably, students from underserved communities suffer the worst, given their lack of access to resources and training. For girl students, opportunities and guidance are particularly limited and their low participation in the national workforce is testament to it.

What stood out was how our leaders were committed to the cause. Our National Leader for People and Culture, N.C. Hegde, conducted a session for these students on “how to cope with fear”. Furthermore, we have had over 60 partners involved in the initiative, which will help in building the next generation of talent from communities that are often marginalised. They led virtual sessions with warmth and compassion, conducted activities, and provided students with tips and tools to navigate through these challenging times, with resilience. Through personal examples and experiences, they connected with, and motivated students to build their self-confidence and consistently work on self-improvement.

Our Deloitte Global CEO, Punit Renjen, also interacted with these students virtually. He shared how his personal journey took him from a small town near Delhi to ultimately becoming a two-term global CEO of Deloitte – the first Indian to ever do so. He left the students with five golden rules, leadership lessons, and the value of hard work and resilience. He expressed, “It was great to see the energy and intellect of all those students involved, and the session left me thinking of them as leaders of tomorrow, a thought which gives me great confidence in the future. I’m certain this won’t be the last time you hear about these incredible young women.”

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